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REPORTING · 13th January 2016
Walter McFarlane
Kitimat Council’s Committee of the Whole Meeting on Monday, January 11th kicked off with a presentation by Horizon North. The delegation thanked Council for allowing them the opportunity to speak to them and expressed it has been 18 months since they entered Kitimat, purchasing the property known as ‘The Crossroads’ at the entrance of town where they intend to build a hotel and lodge.

“This will be a 91 room hotel; we are slated to have that for mid-2016. You’ll certainly see progress and I know, when you drive by, you’ll certainly see the sign lit up, you’ll see and hear more about that as the year progresses,” said Rod Graham, President and CEO of Horizon North.

Council was told the Pomeroy Hotel will be three floors in height. All the rooms will be different, like in most hotels, to meet the needs of their guests. The plans include for the hotel include a pool, a hot tub and a breakfast nook.

The presenters stated the Pioneer lodge will be a 240 person Lodge which will consist of four 60 person dorms. The lodge will be located at the back of the lot. A temporary core will be set up in the middle of the lot with fitness facilities, administration and some lounges and washrooms.

The delegation explained core will eventually be removed and replaced with three more dormitories and a permanent core. The total number of beds in the lodge when it enters phase two is 850. Council has been asked to find a new name to replace the name: Crossroads.

The plan, which was put before Council, Horizon North will be building the hotel and installing it during the second and early third quarter. The first phase of the lodge will be built at the same time to support the construction of the hotel.

Warren Murray, Senior Vice President, explained they operate every requirement on a jobsite including hospitality, maintenance and utilities.

Council was shown number of pictures of the work Horizon North have done in other communities and how it looks like the structures in their artist’s rendering. Council was walked through a number of projects to give them an idea of what the projects in Kitimat would look like.

“What we show is what we do,” said Graham.

Graham explained to Council health, safety and environment were a part of their business plan and their core values. Their objective is zero injuries. They are proud of their partnerships with the First Nations. Their manufacturing facilities are located on the Aboriginal Land in Kamloops.

He told the Council their manufacturing team has an auto parts and automotive background and they are proud of the quality they produce. Their modular buildings are designed not to look modular.

“An exceptional experience. This truly is the vision that we have for Horizon North as you can see, and our hope is that we can work closely for the next several years, people around this room will have an exceptional experience with Horizon North,” Concluded Graham.

Councillor Larry Walker asked if the camp will be dry. The reply was it will be a dry camp. Walker also asked if there were plans for a restaurant.

“Obviously, [we] are very pleased with the highway exposure that we’ll have here and we will be looking for a real nice commercial strip,” said Graham. “We have not finalized what those will be but certainly a restaurant will be at the top of the list.”

Councillor Mario Feldhoff asked if there was a landscaping plan. The reply from Horizon North was there was a plan for trees shrubs and Grass. Councillor Mary Murphy asked them not to plant the trees as she enjoys seeing Mount Elizabeth from the Highway as she drives past there.

Murphy asked if there was going to be a meeting room. She was told no, it would not be a conference centre. Councillor Edwin Empinado expressed the town does not have Conference rooms, which makes it difficult to attract people from out of town.

Empinado asked if the hotel would be aesthetic as it was the first thing people would see when they entered Kitimat. He was told yes.

Mayor Phil Germuth thanked them for their presentation and hoped to see more from them in the future as they worked together. With no further questions, the delegation left.
This project has changed
Comment by s on 16th January 2016
Initially, this site looked completely different with a multi-floor hotel and a much more sophisticated look.

Now they are using this cheap (and most-likely ugly) three floor "hotel" as a guise to tempt council to approve a giant, ugly work camp at the entrance to town. This is very important real estate which sets the tone of the whole town's vibe because it's at the entrance. Kitimat is also in dire need of conference rooms. This is not a project council should approve as is. It's an ugly joke.