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REPORTING · 13th January 2016
Walter McFarlane
Kitimat City Council discusses their remuneration every year and has to pass a bylaw to give themselves a raise or reduce their pay. Fortunately, their remuneration is tied to the Consumer Price Index which sets the basis for their raise. Sometimes it goes down, more often, it goes up.

“As per Council Policy, Council remuneration is based on the August 2014 to August 2015 BC Consumer Price Index which was 1.2%,” wrote CAO Warren Waycheshen in a memo to Council.

The memo show’s Council’s increases and decreases over several years. Last year, the gain was insignificant so the % was added on to this year instead, bringing their remuneration up 1.3% rather than 1.2%. It also had the remuneration of other communities, Terrace, Fort St. John, Port Alberni, Port Moody, Powell River and Campbell River, for comparison.

Councillor Mario Feldhoff asked if these other communities were still good comparators because their Councillors and Aldermen were making more than the Kitimat Council. He expressed if they were going to make a significant change the method of determining how they do their remuneration, it should come after the next municipal election.

“I would like to see the same document with similar population basis,” said Councillor Larry Walker. “Why are we comparing ourselves to larger centers?”

He wanted to see the population of the community included in the remuneration.

“We gave the entire staff this year a 2.5% increase and yet we’re giving Council and Mayor a 1.2%. I’d like to know the logic behind that,” added Walker.

It was explained to him how they tie Council Remuneration to the Consumer Price Index.

“I suggest very strongly we use that argument with the union at negotiations coming up in another 24 months,” said Walker.

Council was told by Waycheshen the comparator communities were benchmarks to give Council ideas. Council were told they could change the way they do this at any time. Also, some communities are not changing their remuneration for a few years and then catching up later. They were there to give Council an idea on what other communities are doing.

Council remuneration passed at a regular meeting on January 4th. Councillors will be paid $12,446 for 2015 and the Mayor will be paid $30,268.
Comment by kitimat first on 20th January 2016
council should be talking about giving the citizens of Kitimat a tax break for the "great 2015 debacle", but instead they are going to give themselves a raise. you should all be ashamed of yourselves, very ashamed ! I am totally disgusted with this and my vote will reflect this in the next municipal election !