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REPORTING · 13th January 2016
Walter McFarlane
If you have been tuning into Council Meetings lately, you will notice several of the Councillors have changed position. Councillors Rob Goffinet and Councillor Edwin Empinado have crossed the room and are now seated in the middle, Councillors Claire Rattee and Larry Walker have shifted one seat to the Right and Councillors Mary Murphy and Councillor Feldhoff remained where they are.

This was due to a motion on Monday, December 21st to change the seating arrangements in Council Chambers. This was moved by Walker and Goffinet seconded it.

“I am thankful for not having my seat moved in recent years,” said Feldhoff in opposition to the motion. “For years, we had a system of new Councillors replacing the vacated seats of departing Councillors. In my opinion, that worked very well for quite a number of years. Seating only became an issue a few years ago and we could use alternate systems to have Councillors choose their seats in order of who got the most votes.”

Walker disagreed. He said this would make Council stronger because he knows the people on his left and right like family. However, he would like to move away from the people he knows very well and be able to look and debate on the other side of the table.

“You look very nice over there but I want to see some new faces,” said Walker.

Feldhoff pointed out he may not get new faces and the motion was called and carried. In the end, Feldhoff did not move and the only new face across from Walker is Empinado.
Comment by mike on 13th January 2016
Are we in preschool?