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REPORTING · 12th December 2015
Walter McFarlane
When the lights blinked out in Kitimat City Council on Monday, December 7th, Councillor Rob Goffinet was asking a question of staff about the proposed Quarry and Borrow Pit between Hirsch Creek and Cable Car. Jack Oviatt had been presenting to Council.

When the meeting reconvened on Tuesday, December 8th, Oviatt did not return to Council. In his stead however, were four people from Cable Car who wished to speak in favour of, or opposed to the proposed gravel pit.

John Pozsgay was the first of these presenters. Pozsgay presented once before to Council, where he talked about the petition that was signed by Cable Car Residents.

“I live to dwell on old Business. On November the 16th, 2015, I made a presentation to Mayor and Council about the Rock Quarry and Gravel Pit by Daudet Creek Contracting. I thought I did a good job, but I’m not too sure Council was all with me. I thought my presentation was countered by Mr. Oviatt because he thought I had the upper hand by operating a gravel pit, not a rock quarry, on the South Hirsch Creek Road past Forest Avenue,” said Pozsgay.

He stated he lives in Cable Car, on Rainbow Boulevard and by bringing his business into it by claiming there was a conflict of interest, Oviatt was defacing Pozsgay’s business.

“There was no information in the District Flier. By looking at the red outlines of the pit proposal, it indicates that the pit application shows, in red, outlined from the corner of the highway south east by the beaver pond, through the turn off to the city dump,” said Pozsgay. “I really take offense to Mr. Oviatt who said, right on the front page of the letter of concerns, nobody was in favour of the quarry between Hirsch Creek and the Cable Car. I feel the letter of concerns that my wife and Mr. Farina did approach the residents of Cable Car in a very professional manner.”

The second person who wished to speak was Tammy Evans. “I am here tonight to clarify a few things about the letter of concerns for the borrow pit and rock quarry between Cable Car and Hirsch Creek that was applied for by Shawn Oviatt of Daudet Creek Contracting,” said Evans.

She explained she was one of the people who went door to door with a ‘letter of concern’ which has been mistaken for a petition. She explained to the residents why she was there and showed them the map which was sent to all Cable Car Residents.

She told Council she showed them the map of the proposed project showed the pit and quarry starts from the tip of the land fill and goes south. Evans told Council she showed them the letter and if they have any concerns, they could voice them by signing their name at the bottom. The letter does not have anything to do with who the applicant is or the integrity of the company.

“It was all about location… location… location… and letting Mayor and Council know about our concerns as Cable Car Residents, which by the way, we were all asked to do by the flyer we received in the mail. This is all about where we live,” said Evans. “This is about where we live and not what we do for a living.”

She stated many people in Cable Car were well informed about the project.

“Mr. Oviatt stated last night that the borrow pit and quarry was not located between the Cable Car subdivision and Hirsch Creek. If it is not there, then where is it?” asked Evans.

The next person who wished to speak was Jim Hepting. “I am 100% against having the rock pit there. We have enough noise in Cable Car from the rifle range and the garbage dump already,” said Hepting.

He expressed the objections which were brought up by Cable Car residents were ‘poo-pooed’ by the proponent. He stated to Council there had to be other places for a rock pit then close to Cable Car.

Hepting suggested the pit could be placed elsewhere in the valley where there is plenty of gravel.

The final speaker was Tim Algor from Chinook street who wished to address something else. “I google mapped this this morning. I am 750 metres from the land fill. I hear gunshots from my hot tub in the summer. I don’t hear the land fill, and to presume that you’re going to hear something from the proposed borrow pit is just that, a presumption. How do we know what we’re going to hear from the other side of the highway in a hole,” said Algor.

Councillor Mario Feldhoff made a motion later in the meeting to pass on all the feedback to the ministry taking into account all the minutes and the positive letters of support which have not been received.

“I believe that Mr. Oviatt made some good points yesterday, that we have responded to the Provicincial Government that we are in support subject to a number of conditions,” said Feldhoff.

He expressed the conditions included limiting the area to the southern end of the area. He hoped the conditions will find a happy medium for everyone as it is both pro development and meets the concerns of the people of Cable Car. It will not be an eye sore and it would inform the government of additional information which he felt they should be aware of.

Councillor Larry Walker was concerned that they only had one attempt to get this in and they’d used it. He was told by City Planner, Gwendolyn Sewell they usually have one chance. However, they were given a month of additional time. The comment period closed.

Sent was a copy of the electronic form, a summary of the comment which was received and all the letters which had been received. There were 16 comments, 12 letters and four comments made over telephone. 15 were opposed and 1 was in support. There were no letters in support.

CAO Warren Waycheshen stated he was not certain if there was anything else to submit. The motion was called and carried with one opposed.