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REPORTING · 8th December 2015
Walter McFarlane
There was a special presentation to Council by Jack Oviatt on Monday, December 7th, representing his son, Shawn Oviatt of Daudett Creek Contracting on the topic of a gravel pit application located east of the highway between Hirsch Creek and Cable Car.

“I hate to dwell on old news,” said Oviatt. “Two weeks ago, I made a presentation to Council about this Gravel pit application. I thought I did a good job but I’m not sure if everyone was listening. My presentation was countered by a petition presented to Cable Car Residents by a competing gravel sales contractor.

He told the Council that the reason the petition went around was because of misinformation in the District of Kitimat’s flier. People thought the Gravel Pit would be located between the Dump and Cable Car.

“It was right on the front of the petition. Nobody was in favour of the gravel pit between Hirsch Creek and the Cable Car. It’s my opinion that the Gravel Pit isn’t between Hirsch Creek and the Cable Car in the location that was presented in the petition to the people in Cable Car,” said Oviatt.

He expressed the new location was visited by the Advisory Planning Commission. After the meeting, he reached out to the entire Council with a letter to invite them to the site. However, only two Councillors contacted him back.

Oviatt told Council the APC was in favour of the location with a few conditions. Council voted in favour of the proposal but Oviatt was unable to watch the meeting on television.

“I’m told that Council Voted with only one negative vote,” said Oviatt. “Administration did respond to the lands branch. Stated Council was in favour with the conditions which the APC brought forward and the conditions that Council had mentioned. However, with that response, at your request, they included all letters from the public. They included the flawed petition, but never once was anything mentioned about the positives. My letter to Council was not included, the report from the APC was not included. The results of the vote from the Council Meeting was not included.”

He expressed he was worried the Lands Branch was going to read only the negatives and asked Council to instruct Administration to resubmit their response to the Lands Branch and include all of the positive including the results from the Council’s Vote, the report from the APC and additional positive letters which came from the public.

Oviatt said he contacted one Councillor who contacted Administration but generated no response, one member of the APC who contacted the Administration but also garnered no response.

Councillor Claire Rattee asked why the positives were not attached. CAO Warren Waycheshen advised Council to read their motion, in the minutes in the Council Package. He stated they would have not put that there was one Councillor opposed because when the motion is adopted, it is adopted by all of Council.

He told Council the APC report was taken into account, one of the recommendations was included in their submission. The APC gave Council direction.

“We thought that when we put it in there, we had the support, and all of the conditions that Council put on Page 16 and 17. We also said to the Province if they have any follow up, any clarification of everything because there’s a lot there to give us a call on it, we think we’ve hit the spirit of what Council’s motion was with that,” said Waycheshen.

In addition, he was hoping Council would respond to the email he received as a group that night.

Councillor Rob Goffinet stated none of the requests from Oviatt were out of turn. Council would make the minutes official at the meeting which included the vote. There were references in the minutes to the APC.

At that point, the power went out. Goffinet’s question about what would be in order would not be answered. Council took a few minutes to see if the power would come back on, but, when it did not, they decided to adjourn the meeting to Tuesday, December 8th at 7:30 pm.
Mr. Brown
Comment by Pinnwheel on 18th December 2015
To state "that people don't know where this pit is to be" mabey you should better inform your self. The residents of cable car where notified as to the loction and size via a letter from the DOK, so when you have time to pull your head from **** and inform your self with a little knowledge then and only then your opinion may hold substance....

Mr. Oviatt
Comment by Rory Brown on 15th December 2015
Knowledge, or lack of, is a dangerous thing. People are complaining about a gravel pit when they don't even know where it is going to be or how it will effect them. If I may quote PG (use your real name), "Not in my back yard" is a common problem. Like alot of you, I have been in Kitimat for 40 years, and I want the town to prosper and grow in a positive way. One of the ways this is done is with good paying jobs.
Jack and Shawn Oviatt are classic examamples of what that is. I would hate to see what Kitimat would be like without them. They give more to this community and I am thankful for that.The Oviatts have never done anything to hurt the community, and I belive that the gravel pit will be handled in a positive outcome.
So I would like to say thank you to the Oviatt family for all you have done for Kitimat, and I hope that you continue to give back like you have. You make Kitimat a better place to live.
More balance needed
Comment by PG on 11th December 2015
Lol, its hard to sit back and watch all the complaining that goes on here without becoming a complainer yourself, so point taken haha. There are so many great stories on here that never get a 'well done' or even a little notice. I felt it necessary to draw some attention to this problem. The kids that do well in swimming events, authors, charity events, and so forth, probably wouldn't mind some encouraging thoughts now and then, and yet the stories that are written only end up accumulating dust. Anyhow there's a new story on the Golf course, so don't let me hold you up any longer....
oviatt pit
Comment by bill on 11th December 2015
Ok, so I can't say I totally agree with Oviatts placement of this pit, but I can say that at least this man is trying to create employment and economic activity. If anyone knows there history they would remember when the new owners of the sandhill indicated they would cut off the suppy to kentron & maybe glacier concrete...citing it was there sandhill.
Closed Minds
Comment by Pinnwheel on 10th December 2015
"If only closed minds came with closed mouths"
Next Whine And Snivel
Comment by OG on 10th December 2015
Well we didnt have to wait long for it since PG brought the Wine...the cheese..and the snivel.

Oh no people voiced their complaint how awful.

Cant we just toss them in prison for not towing the line..hey wait...I seem to recall a certain pillar of the community making such a proclamation when he was before council about another of his ja vu huh.

Heck I encourage more locals to protest just for the sheer pleasure of angering the other half of the local spectrum.
Never in my back yard
Comment by PG on 9th December 2015
Some one made a comment a short while ago that it doesn't matter what is proposed, its always going to meet with opposition. So here we go again, 'not in my back yard!' Well that's progress, a necessary evil as some would put it. We want to reap the benefits that come with change, employment, better roads, stores to shop in, just not in my back yard. What a pack of whiners this town has turned into, maybe we should ban having fun? Start by taking down all the blinking christmas lights on the front of all the houses, that's such a waste of power isnt it? So much for eco friendly, plus they create light pollution right?makes it hard for some to sleep and on and on and on. Can't wait to see the next new whine and snivel.
Comment by Carol on 9th December 2015
If the District of Kitimat sent out a flier with the wrong position of the proposed quarry by Daudet Creek Contracting, Kitimat B.C. then exactly where is this pit going ? This area covers approximately 90 acres or 36.83ha. It won't matter where it goes on this 100 acres the noise will be heard when they are blasting, drilling or loading. But it looks like it is a done deal by the DOK.
Comment by In the dark on 8th December 2015
Why is this not on tv anymore?