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REPORTING · 5th December 2015
Walter McFarlane
The Kitimat Snow Valley Skating Club hosted this year’s interclub skating competition, the Kla How Ya over the weekend from Friday, November 27th until Sunday, November 29th.

“We had our interclub skating completion, called Kla How Ya. We had about 80 participants from around the region come to our club here to skate,” said Jessica Goncalves. “We invite clubs from all over our region, up to Prince George and we have here Hazelton, Houston, Smithers, Terrace, Prince Rupert and Kitimat join us.”

There were a number of different events for the skaters to win. There were free skates, elements, interpretive, and an individual dance competition. The event began on Friday night with a Jamboree team event.

“They were divided into four teams, all the participants throughout the weekend. You have the red, blue, yellow and green team and every event they do earns them points towards their team,” said Goncalves. “The young ones were doing their solos, the older ones were doing creative elements. They were doing their skills.”

One of the highlights of the event was some fundraising for the Hazelton Figure Skating Club. At the time, they had applied for funding from Aviva but it was uncertain whether or not they were going to get it.

“Our old rink that was supposed to last us until we have a new rink, the roof was condemned in the spring, the day before our [carnival] so we didn’t get to have our carnival and we had to spend all of our operating budgets for two years to remove the roof, in addition to donations we received from the District of New Hazelton,” said Coach Stacey Brown.

They found themselves in a position where there were no operating funds to pay the ice managers and they did not have a shack for their tractor and Zamboni. There has been a lot of volunteer labour and donations to make the shack possible.

“The girls have been skating a lot in Smithers on Wednesdays and Fridays to get ice time in because we’ve had no ice until this week,” said Brown. “They defiantly had very limited practice time so they are happy to use the big sheet of ice.”

They are finding there are different factors to being on a sheet of ice without a roof, such as when the weather is not on their side. However, Brown stated: “It’s fabulous.”

They expect be skating without a roof for the next two years. On December 2nd, Aviva announced the Hazelton Area will receive $100,000 to maintain their outdoor skating rink.

At the end of the event, the Terrace Skating Club took home the trophy.

“We were very proud of the skaters. We’ve been working very hard and they’ve been focusing on all the things they really need for the competition so we’re really proud of them,” said Jennifer Kuehna. Coach of Terrace. This is their first time winning the trophy since 2010.

Goncalves thanked all of the clubs for coming out and all of the sponsors.

On Saturday, December 12th, the Snow Valley Skating Club will be performing Frozen at the Tamitik Arena at 2:00 Pm. Tickets are $5 each.