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REPORTING · 25th November 2015
Walter McFarlane
There has a been a lot of uncertainty in the community over the past few years in relation to the two trailer courts in Kitimat, Jed Stumps Estates and Vista Village. On Monday, November 16th, Leonard Kerkhoff of Kerkhoff Construction came to Council to present on the topic of rezoning of land zoned for forestry an addition to his proposed Riverbrook Estates project, a mobile home park.

Kerkhoff told Council he was planning: “70 lots. It’s a mixture of single wide and double wide. Quite a bit of green space. Buffers between single family and the creek.”

He asked council for a variance on the zoning, to cut 2 metres off of the rear yard setback. Everywhere beyond the rear yard is green space and they do not cutting out the two metres will create an impact. They are still deciding whether or not the lots will be rental or strata, but Kerkhoff expressed their preference was Strata, although this would require subdividing the lots.

Councillor Mario Feldhoff asked about the rest of Riverbrook Estates. Kerkhoff stated there is still some aspects of the rest of the project which require approval and they will be coming before Council depending on what happens in Kitimat in 2016.

Feldhoff wanted to know how the park will be accessed. Kerkhoff replied it would be through a loop road on Liard and Nadina. Due to the creek and the single family lots adjacent to the proposed mobile home park, they would not be able to put a second road accessing Kuldo Boulevard. He added there is a road on the other side of the creek, but they would not be able to get to it.

“We do have a traffic impact study that we prepared for this portion. We have allowed for up to 100 residences on this side as well. We do need to keep the report and resubmit it as a part of the application, but it does show that the traffic impact at the intersections is minimal, even with 70 homes in here,” said Kerkhoff.

Councillor Larry Walker asked how they were going to generate 100 vehicles out of the trailer park, at 1.5 vehicles per household. Kerkhoff expressed the study was done by professional traffic engineers. They looked at each intersection critically and looked at the other intersections around town counting the traffic at each intersection. They said the roads were more than adequate.

Mayor Phil Germuth asked if he would consider some sites set aside for long term RV use. Kerkhoff expressed he will take this to his partners.

There were questions on flooding. Kerkhoff expressed the land is higher in elevation than the other residents. While there is a no build covenant on the land, it predates the raising of the dike and he hoped the dike would solve flooding problems. He added if there was a flood, it would flood the whole area.

There were no further questions so Kerkhoff sat down. Paul Lagace, Kitimat Housing Resource Worker, wished to comment.

“I’ve talked to Mr. Kerkhoff many times regarding this project. The interest from the housing perspective is, if there is a strata lots as part of the amendment, it could provide some security for other folks at the other two existing trailer parks if they wanted to transport their trailers if they were movable to this place and it would provide some security for them,” said Lagace.

Councillor Mary Murphy made a motion to accept the application for consideration and to forward it to the Advisory Planning Commission. Councillor Rob Goffinet wanted added the availability of strata titling. It was called and carried.
Trailer court
Comment by Carol on 20th February 2016
Seventy trailers seems like a lot to me and from the picture it looks like there is only maybe 12 feet between the trailers. Mr it possible for me to see this map and the footage between the trailers.
trailer parks
Comment by j.s. on 25th November 2015
at least kerkhof is developing whare its not going to force people out of the only homes they can afford ,unfortunately mobile homes are the only low income homes left, if even that . unlike these other companies that are so willing to turn the lives of the people and their pets, that live in the existing trailer parks upside down, for a buck. considering the outrageous amount people are charging for rent because they can , the future doesn't look very good for these people any more.