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REPORTING · 12th November 2015
Walter McFarlane
Above photo by District of Kitimat

The District of Kitimat and other community leaders, from the Chamber of Commerce and the Advisory Planning Comission took a business walk on Wednesday, November 4th. 10 people went from business to business in the Downtown Core, the Service Centre and Nechako Centre.

“The business walk is about gathering information,” said Tyler Noble, Business and Communications Officer for the District of Kitimat. “One thing that we were able to do is get a sense of what is the economy doing. Is business growing, is it steady, is it shrinking.”

By going to the business, they were able to meet with management at their own business, rather than by inviting them to the District of Kitimat offices. They were also able to take a look around.

Noble himself was with one of the teams going around Service Centre.

“In most places we went, people were just happy to see us. Happy to see some people come and check and see how they are doing and show some interest in their business and whether they’re doing well,” said Noble.

He expressed that businesses in the area he polled are concerned about Kitimat being out of the boom town phase from the last couple of years. However, different business owners voiced different concerns.

The information will be compiled into a report which will come out in due course which will be released to the public. They will see if there are any themes in common which could be addressed by the District. They hope to have the report out soon.

“We don’t want this to drag out for months. It will be in the coming weeks,” said Noble.

He expressed the exercise was productive so they would expect to do this again in the future.

If a business was not involved in the business walk, they can contact the District of Kitimat Economic Development Office at 250-632-8921.