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REPORTING · 8th November 2015
Walter McFarlane
On the 8th of October, the District of Kitimat was asked to make a comment on an application from Daudet Creek Contracting LTD. To the Ministry of Forestry, Lands and Natural Resources for a Provincial Approval to establish a Quarry and Borrow Pit along Highway 37, between Hirsch Creek Park and Cable Car.

This will be located 1.6 kilometres from the Entrance of Cable Car and will be around 36 Hectares, and, according to a map in the Council Information package, will be adjacent to the highway. The Council Package also stated this application will require a Temporary Use Permit from the District of Kitimat.

Councillor Claire Rattee made a motion to poll the Cable Car Residents prior to providing comment on application submitted by Daudet Contracting.

Councillor Mario Feldhoff wished to amend the motion to forward the application to the Advisory Planning Commission for Comment and be advertised in the paper. Mayor Phil Germuth asked if the amendment was friendly but Rattee said no.

“I don’t agree with the advertised part. We’ve had that conversation before. I don’t personally agree with the advertising part. I have no problem with sending it to the Advisory Planning Commission but it’s already going to get advertised, there is no point in doing it twice,” said Rattee.

Feldhoff expressed the importance of getting input from the Cable Car Residents as they were the immediate neighbours. However, this would be a very large area near the entrance of the community. He stated the community should be made aware of it and given the opportunity to provide input into this.

Rattee stated she disagreed. She expressed it was a waste of money. She might consider doing it later, depending on the response. People were going to hear about it anyways and they would have to do advertisements twice and it was costly.

Councillor Larry Walker stated he felt Administration would inform Daudet Creek they were going to poll Cable Car so they could have the ability to provide input as well.

Councillor Rob Goffinet agreed with forwarding the information to the APC. However, he noticed a deadline of the 20th of November, and the APC will not have met by then. He wanted to know if getting the word out to the public could be accomplished by the 20th of November.

City Planner, Gwen Sewell told Council there was enough time to publish one advertisement. However, they would not receive any funding from this application. They would not be able to place two ads within the timeline.

Feldhoff stated it was important for people to know about this because the pit would be located at the entrance to the community. He expressed he was afraid the government would put a tiny little ad on the fifth page of the paper which people would not notice unless they really knew what they were looking for.

Sewell expressed they could cover it on the website, and it would get publicity because the media was covering the Council Meeting.

The amendment was called and carried with one opposed. The main motion was called and carried. The deadline for comments was provided as Monday, November 16th.
House wife and nature lover
Comment by Denine on 21st November 2015
I bought in cable car because of the peace, tranquality and free wild,life
This quarry will destroy this peacefull nature resrve
If this quarry happens it is an indication for me to move out of,Kitimat as it is clear,the tranqual of what Ktimat is is starting to fade away

There are surely other places to build a quarry to make this quarry owner more richer
Daudet creek
Comment by Rod on 16th November 2015
They have already ruined straw berry meadows with a work camp. Why not ruin the entrance to kitimat with an ougly gravel pit.
Comment by Lan on 14th November 2015
Is there a petition if you are for it. is getting so anything any one wants to do someone or some group is trying to stop it enough already.
Daudet Creek Contracting Ltd. quarry
Comment by Carol on 13th November 2015
For all those against the quarry there is a petition going to each house in Cable Car. Make sure you sign if you are against this quarry.
You can also send a letter to the District but has to be in before council meeting this Monday night.
You can also write a letter to the is on the letter sent out by the District of Kitimat.
Comment by Pinnwheel on 12th November 2015
Funny how the ministry's letter for opinion's on this showed up in my mailbox 2 days after ther deadline...
I drive to work on a motorcycle 6 months of the year and live in cable car, and I've had a few close calls with the debris in and around the refuse entrance last summer when the DOK was hauling loads to the site and they never swept up after thems selves, now a quarry forget it.
Noise, dirt, dust, stones, broken windshields, and a big bloody eyesore right as you enter Kitimat, This is the most ASININE idea I've heard in a long while.
These dirt hauling monkey's should look elsewhere.
Odd, how this all works
Comment by Cable Car concerns on 9th November 2015
A quarry right at the entrance to Cable Car and very little time for residents to comment. Damndest thing, that.

Just a question..Daudette Creek that not owned my Jack Oviatt?
Quarry near Cable Car
Comment by Carol on 8th November 2015
I would like to see the bulletin that was sent out by the District of Kitimat posted with each of the news story on Kitimat Daily, regarding the application from Daudet Creek Contracting Ltd. to open and operate a quarry and borrow pit on DL 6183, 6184, and 6185 Range 5 Coast District highway 37 S between Hirsch Creek and the Kitimat dump. Some people don't read the Newspapers.
Quarry near Cable car
Comment by Carol on 8th November 2015
This quarry will operate from April to October, Monday to Saturday, 7 am to 7 pm as needed.

This area is 36.83 ha or 91 acres for DL 6183 and 6184. There is also an area in question, which is DL 6185 which isn't outlined in red. Where exactly is this area..... is this the gravel pit off Halibut Street ?

In some areas in Cable Car at times noise from the rifle range which is so loud with repeater rifles our dog would go into hiding. So much for a quiet evening outside.
Scraping sounds from the dump at certain times.
Roaring dirt bikes and quads racing down Rainbow Blvd which I can see why people want to live out in Cable Car but enough is enough.

Is there not another area Daudet Creek Contracting can acquire to the Ministry for a quarry ?

More traffic, noise and dust.....please, not near Cable Car subdivision .