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REPORTING · 29th October 2015
Walter McFarlane
Council was going through their checklist of Council Assignments at the Monday Night Special Meeting of Council for October 26th when Councillor Mario Feldhoff raised a question of Radley Park.

“The recent rain event that we had, did we lose any more spots in the park?” asked Feldhoff.

Director of Leisure Services, Martin Gould, told Council they did lose a piece of embankment, which they had been expecting to lose during the next high water. He expressed they lost several trees which were overhanging the river and fell in naturally.

“We did lose a little bit more along the embankment, another foot or two inside the embankment,” said Gould.

He told Council he had not had a chance to go down to the park since the storm. Feldhoff expressed he looks forward to the report.

“We’ve basically done nothing for many many years despite the fact that we think that most of the erosion is complete. It’s not really complete and we keep losing more and more and there’s not much room left between the road and the river,” said Feldhoff.
Radley park
Comment by roma on 1st November 2015
Wonder,if years ago, when Mr.Oviatt offered to put riprap on the river bank for free of charge and was shot down by the city administration of the day and former council ..would there have been so much damage to the park??
Just saying.....
too late
Comment by db on 1st November 2015
now you guys are worried about the park ,when it could have been repaired years ago, get it together and quit wasting time and tax payers money,another park to bring in revenue is stead of free loaders leaving a mess behind, pissed taxpayer.