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REPORTING · 8th October 2015
Walter McFarlane
Terry Lam stepped up before Council on Monday, October 5th to present on the topic of the quality Kitimat’s water supply. He stated has lived around the world and Kitimat is the only place where you have to replace waterlines which have been corroded from the inside out.

“Something’s wrong with this water,” said Lam. “I’ve talked to Tim Gleig a couple of weeks ago and he says that last year, they took my request that they test this water out during a heavy rainfall. They took it off because there were so many different people checking the water, the environmental people, Alcan, Federal Government and everything else that they didn’t think it was necessary for the District to continue to check as well.”

He expressed these people stopped checking a month ago and the problems with the water is not a constant one. He asked for the water to be tested during a heavy rainfall because this is when the emissions from the plants in town would get washed into the river and could be consumed by human beings.

He asked the District to test the town’s water every day rather than every ten days, and if they do get a spike in the towns PH levels, send the water off to get it checked to find out what is causing the spike.

Lam told the Council the High School is testing the water after they were given a fish tank full of salmon. They changed the water in the tank and all of the fish died. Another person had a fish pond and had his fish die on him following changing the water. Lam explained that people having their fish die following the changing of the water is a common occurrence.

He asked for the water to be tested continually and have water which spikes to be analyzed.

Councillor Mario Feldhoff stated this was a good reminder, because he was under the impression the water meets all of the requirements. He wanted to know where they are at.

Councillor Mary Murphy asked if Lam had toured their system. His reply was no, he had never toured the system. He did not think a tour would help because it would not make sense to him.

Councillor Rob Goffinet asked for a report on the issues which were raised by Lam. It was suggested for Council to make a motion or leave it with staff.

Later in the meeting, Councillor Feldhoff made a motion to receive a report from staff. He wanted to know what the staff had to say about the quality of water, frequency of testing, corrosion and discolouration and whether they could have ongoing testing. He also wanted to know if the District could use a UV to improve the water quality.

The motion was called and carried.