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CONTRIBUTION · 22nd September 2015
David G McRae
Environment Minister Leona Aglukkaq, of the Conservative party shows ignorance or distain for human health and the environment by allowing COREXIT [9500A and 9580A] to be dispersed on fossil fuel spills here in Canada. When added to an oil spill, this dispersant not just increases the toxicity of the spill but further jeopardizes the marine life’s ability to reproduce normally.

When Corexit was used in the Valdez, Gulf and Mayflower spills it was found to be more harmful to both human health and marine environment than advertised by its maker Nalco (Ecolabs). The distillates in these toxic cocktails, combined with the oil spill, have the ability to penetrate the skin of man and marine life and were found not to break down as advertised. Inhaling the toxic vapors is another pathway to further weaken the reproductive system and other vital organs.

I urge one and all to delve into their own research on the use (misuse) of Corexit and all other oil spill- treatment agents and how they have had severe adverse health effects on spill cleanup crews to date. The producers and users of these products are misrepresenting their safety and minimizing their toxicity. I believe that the real reason these products are used in spill responses is to improve the optics and hide the true magnitude of each spill. COREXIT and other spill-treatment agents enable crude oil to sink fast, the toxic content of each spill is then dispersed throughout the water column hiding it from sight.

Why is the environment minister even considering a “list” of these oil spill-treatment agents when it appears they only serve to make the oil spill more toxic to whatever environment they are used?

COREXIT 9500A and 9580A are nasty and I would urge our Environment Minister Leona Aglukkaq NOT to include them in the list of approved oil spill-treating agents! Maybe it would be better not to even have a list, and disallow the use of all the toxic oil spill-treatment agents as they will be poorly regulated and monitored.

Oil spill-treatment agents (COREXIT) --- Not a world-class spill response but a WORLD-CLASS FAILURE!!

David G McRae

Douglas Channel Watch
Kitimat, BC