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CONTRIBUTION · 17th September 2015
Ben Christie
In my humble opinion Nathan Cullen cannot ever be trusted again to represent this riding. He gives lip service to the things that are important to his constituents such as pipelines, oil, environment etc etc, then when voting on an issue will he turn around and vote party line whatever that happens to be at the moment? Well that is simply not good enough . He is not the man of conviction he said he was, and I for one feel he has outstayed his welcome at the trough, even though I voted for him last time out .

Just to be perfectly clear, this is not about the Long Gun Registry per se. or the outcome of that , but his total lack of belief in democracy.

The way I see this is , if you want a dictator to run the country , vote Conservative or NDP. If you like your democracy half and half, vote Liberal. If you want democracy back in this country , vote Green ,as to my limited knowledge they are the only party that will allow free votes on ALL issues as democracy should be .
Green Party
Comment by Larry on 17th September 2015
I understand the Green Party will be announcing their candidate that is running in the Skeena Bukley Riding this election.