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REPORTING · 15th September 2015
Walter McFarlane
Councillor Mario Feldhoff told Council on Monday, September 14th, that it took him an hour to get home from work, going through the construction that is taking place on Haisla Boulevard. He asked for an update on the paving program from engineering.

“Tonight, coming home from work, I put up with a bit of the delays during lunch hours and what have you, but tonight, over an hour to get from the Kentron area to my home and only to reach Rosarios and have someone waving me through and not allow left turns. There was no equipment, no nothing on that road. I don’t know if the contractors taking into account the flow of traffic. You have 10 cars going through one way and then, half an hour later, 10 cars going through another way. There is a lot of cars coming home from work in the industrial area and tempers are raising today and I hope the end is near and if there is a better way to do this, it would sure be appreciated,” said Feldhoff.

Tim Gleig, the District of Kitimat Engineering Director explained to Council that he did not have any personal knowledge of what took place today, but Haisla Boulevard is the main arterial road through town, covering all the intersections. He expressed an hour sounded excessive.

“It isn’t always apparent why you’re stopped, but applying the tact coat, they can’t let the traffic on it too soon until it breaks,” said Gleig.

He expressed if the weather holds, there should only be a day’s paving remaining. He heard on the radio that it would be September 25th. He said this should only be the case if there is a lot of rain.

Councillor Feldhoff asked staff if they could talk to the people in traffic control because he was left with a sense it could be done better.

Gleig stated there have been some traffic problems with busses. He did not know what would have gone wrong.
Poor feldhoff
Comment by C on 18th September 2015
What an out rage feldhoff had to wait an hour to get home poor thing, give me a break. You should have been personally escorted from the plant via helicopter, it's once a year if that, we're getting new roads that's a plus in my book get over it
gong show
Comment by on 15th September 2015
I think it could have been more organised....
I was coming down haisla planning on turning
left at the first set of lights and a flag lady guided me
straight though even though there was NO activity
on the road going past the chalet and the keg
talk about a gong show
News Flash
Comment by Rory Brown on 15th September 2015
What a suprise. "Tim Gleig, the District of Kitimat Engineering Director explained to Council that he did not have any personal knowledge of what took place today". This comes as no suprise. Mario Feldhoff had to wait in traffic due to construction one day. Boo hoo. Most of the town had to as well. Get over it.
Is the road construction getting completed as quickly as we would like it to? No, but it will be done soon. The bigger question to me is why isn't Tsimshian and Wakashan being redone? They are the worse roads in town.