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REPORTING · 26th August 2015
Walter McFarlane
If you are making plans for family Labour Day activities, the Kitimat Supper Club is planning a sports day for the young people on Monday, September 7th. The event is still being planned and is subject to change.

“Labour Day, we are celebrating the youth here in Kitimat. They have been volunteering like crazy over the past year and a half and I was so impressed with them, I thought we would celebrate with a sports day and a nice lunch and dinner and let the kids know that we appreciate everything that they are doing for the community,” said Sherry Leduc-Brady, of the Kitimat Supper Club.

Lunch is at noon for the volunteers and the youth. The Sports day runs from 1:00 pm to 4:00 Pm. Dinner starts at 5:00 Pm.

They have been working to find volunteers so the children do not have to look after their own sports day. Games include Californian Kickball, a variation of soccer and baseball, other stations are planned to be a mixture of obstacle courses and other fun things.

The dinner plan for the night is child favourites. She has been putting the word out to the children to get ideas of what they want to have for dinner.

“We’re going to try to have as many dishes as possible so it’s going to feel like a pot luck, all things will be made at the First Baptist Church and served out of the First Baptist Church as usual. Dinner will be free. I have a donation jar up at the front. Donations are appreciated but not necessary. If people cannot afford to give a donation, dinner is on me,” said Leduc-Brady.

Leduc-Brady hopes this event will allow the children to burn off that last bit of summer energy before they go back to school and hit the books.

Leduc-Brady would like to remind everyone the Community Supper Club is open to everyone, and is not a soup kitchen. This is a place for people to come out and socialize, meet people and help out. It is an all-inclusive community event.

If you would like to volunteer, contact the Kitimat Supper Club at 250-279-2476 and leave a message or text the same number or on Facebook.
why not Sunday?
Comment by curious on 26th August 2015
I am sure you didn't know there was a conflict in dates, and that said, it's not too late to change the date. why not show kindness, understanding and leadership by doing so? isn't that what church is all about? let the union have their community party, even though they disinvited others to it. (who does that?)
Divided we fail
Comment by Started at the bottom on 26th August 2015
Just wondering why this family event is scheduled at the same time as another family event that has been held on the same day for the last forty years. Usually We schedule events around each other, even our July first events don't interfere with Terraces River boat days. Let's ALL work to better our community's standard of living with out the bullying, gossip, meanest that is so prevelent. Two wrongs don't make a right. My hat goes off to the many volunteers in our community, you people are the positive backbone. Together as a COMMUNITY maybe we can advance, and prosper, but be wary of those that want us to fail. Kitimat is so fractured and divided, makes you wonder who is pulling the strings, who are we dancing for, who is making us look like fools?