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REPORTING · 18th August 2015
Walter McFarlane
On Monday, August 17th, at the Regular Meeting of Council, Councillor Mary Murphy wished to address a letter which the District of Kitimat received from Unifor Local 2301, the Union which represents the Kitimat Smelter and Kemano Power Operations Workers.

The asked Mayor and Council not to be in attendance at the Labour Day Picnic on September 7th, due to the District of Kitimat Labour Dispute which began on February 28th and ended in early June of this year.

“Mayor and Council received a letter from Unifor requesting that we don’t attend the labour day picnic this year and I plan on following their wishes and not attend,” said Murphy.

She explained that she was instrumental, along with many of her family members, to make the picnic a success in the past.

“It’s advocating improving working conditions for labour and it’s a really good social and educational event. It’s in the honour of labour and I know that I’ve got lots of messages saying it’s going to be boycotted by some people. Some activists prove to be more harmful then helpful in the labour movement,” said Murphy.

“I hope that everybody puts their differences aside and really attends the Labour Day picnic and make it a really successful and learn and have some discussions and there will be lots of good speeches there,” said Murphy.

She expressed the Kitimat Mayor, Phil Germuth will not be in attendance, but she hopes the rest of the community will be out and make the event a success.

No other Councillor gave comment.
as posted
Comment by mmurphy on 25th August 2015
As put forward by a long time caw/unifor member and I quote: I am an hourly employee at RTA for the last 34 years. I have been very active in our Union (CASAW/CAW/Unifor) for most of that time —having laid down my credentials, I have something to say...WOW! That seems incredibly stupid! To put up anything more then an information picket at the Council Chambers before a Council Meeting, and thus putting those who are most likely your allies in the dispute, especially Councillors, into the awkward position of either not crossing your line in a show of support but not being inside to defend you, or having to cross the line, thus appearing to disrespect you and your line in order to be on the inside where the decisions are being made! I think either a poor decision was made or poor advice was given to put anything more then an information picket outside the Council Chambers before/ during a Council Meeting.
embarrassing !
Comment by kitimat first on 20th August 2015
as a union member i'm totally embarrassed in mr mcilwraths latest decision without consulting its members on this particular event, but am also very disturbed by mary murphys blatant anti unionism considering she herself was a unionist not so very long ago, but she seems to have forgotten how she got where she got ! mary murphy and all others who crossed this picket line should be ashamed of themselves for such an idiotic move in a union based town. who do you think voted for you !
Comment by Pinnwheel on 20th August 2015
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Comment by Joe on 19th August 2015
Can't agree more with the previous comment
Our family has always attended the labour day picnic but no more we are disgusted with Mr Mclwraths personal vindictiveness against council.
The strike is over get over it and lets move forward.
I also encourage everyone to boycott the event also lets send a message that we don't agree with his tactics.
No soup for you
Comment by Rory Brown on 19th August 2015
As a member of 2301, I am in agreement of certain councel members not being welcome. Mary Murphy is on the top of that list. Not only did she and a few other councel members cross a picket line, she stopped to argue with the picketers first. I guess when she said "Some activists prove to be more harmful then helpful in the labour movement" she was talking about herself. As for the councel members that respected the picket line, unfortunately you are being painted with the same brush.
Concerned union worker
Comment by . on 18th August 2015
I would like to say thanks to Mary Murphy for the past work she has done in regards to the labor day picnic. I think her heart is in the right place but then that is just my opinion.
I feel strongly that everyone should boycott the picnic event to show the Unifor executive that they have made yet another mistake by telling the council that they are not welcome at the picnic event.
Unifor executive has made this choice without consulting the workers it is supposed to be representing,... what is wrong with this picture?
I am truly embarrassed by these actions of the executive. Our town is not that big and we should all try to get along here but it is clear that Unifor wants to have one more stab at the council due to the labor dispute. Why can't they just move on,... the strike has been over for a while now and it is time to build good relations and communication!