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REPORTING · 18th August 2015
Walter McFarlane
The Kildala Elementary School Playground is complete and children are coming out to give the playground a try with their parents.

“I am ecstatic about Kildala playground being complete,” said Kimberly Wasyleski, PAC President. “ It has been quite a journey to get to this point but the rewards were worth it. Seeing the children with their families enjoying the playground over the last couple days has proved that it was worth it.”

The children could not agree on what their favourite part of the playground was. Some said it was the Spiderweb, others said it was the balance wheels. A few of them just said: ‘everything.’

The parents who were watching their children play were quite happy with the playground as well.

“I’m extremely happy that Kildala has built a new playground because that other playground over there was built when I was in grade 7,” said Shanna Gibson.

“It’s nice to have a varity of things because a lot of the things that are on here, some of the other parks don’t have,” said Melissa Oleniuk.

“And it’s very accessible for different age groups as well, and different abilities,” said Ruth Quinn.

One of the things the parents stated was the pictures did not do it justice, a good reason to go down and check it out.
A Job well done
Comment by Larry Walker on 20th August 2015
Congratulations and thank you