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REPORTING · 30th July 2015
Walter McFarlane
Kitimat Council saw a presentation from Ken Maitland, on Monday, July 20th, about the Regional Household Hazardous Waste event which was held in Kitimat earlier this year, on May 23rd.

“We defined it as ‘too toxic to trash,’ because a lot of these materials are just that. It is not something you should throw out, because the end result will be some very nasty things happening in your landfill, and therefore, in your water course and it will come back to haunt you,” said Maitland.

He explained this was a regional initiative. A committee was struck with the Regional District and Terrace. On the day of the event, there was a safety check from the crew. 115 vehicles attended in Kitimat.

“It went well as far as we’re concerned,” said Maitland. “The big thing was, we budgeted for $74,000. The total came in at $90,500. Kitimat area was basically on budget.”

He told Council Terrace was over budget, due to the large number of people who showed up. These people also brought a number of materials which should have gone to other stewardship programs, such as batteries.

He ran down the materials which were collected in Kitimat. The big ones were the used oils and gasoline. Maitland was concerned about how much might end up in the landfill or the back roads. He stated the stewardship programs were poorly advertised and poorly communicated to the public.

“It’s something we need to focus on, but again, it’s that type of ongoing education and that applies throughout the region,” said Maitland.

He expressed there was a lot of paint that showed up at the program which KUTE was able to take, so it did not end up being disposed of through the program.

Maitland suggested putting on this kind of event every 5 years.

Councillor Mario Feldhoff asked who was paying for the overrun. Maitland said they will be going back to the City of Terrace and the Regional District.