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REPORTING · 30th July 2015
Walter McFarlane
Kitimat City Council was given a presentation by Sergeant Graham Morgan at the Regular Meeting of Council on July 20th. Accompanying him was Grant MacDermid .

“He’s been a guard at our detachment since February, 1999 and he’s involved with our detachment’s crime stoppers program as a volunteer in the past and Grant’s moving away from the community, having been here for 60 years. I’d like to thank you for your dedication and your commitments,” said Morgan.

MacDermid was given a plaque for his service.

Morgan stated that the new Staff Sergeant has been announced and Staff Sergeant McLaren will be coming to Kitimat on September 8th from Alberta. He has 23 years’ service and has served in Alberta and Nunavut.

He updated Council on their various programs. In June, they completed the DARE program and held the graduation ceremonies at Kildala and Saint Anthony’s Elementary School.

In the detachment, they will have the installation of the CCTV cameras and the Electronic Fingerprinting Machine will be installed at the same time.

In September, they will be Launching ICAT, which is a Domestic Violence Program which brings member stakeholders together to assess domestic violence and high risk cases.

He moved on to some of the incidences in the community. He stated there were two instances of violence which happened on the Riverbank in early July.

“On July 3rd, a conflict between a biker and a camper led to a violent assault if not more than one. It was captured on a go-pro camera. Just to let you know that that investigation is very active and that violence won’t be tolerated. What led to that is also under investigation. What led to it is no excuse for the violence that we saw that evening,” said Morgan.

“Also on July 9th, 8 am, there was an assault with a weapon. A man was arrested that day and charges are pending,” Added Morgan.

Into the policing statistics for June, Morgan told the Council Persons Offences have remained consistent over the same period from last year, and many of these have charges pending or before Crown Council. As for Property Offences, they have remained consistent as well. Drug offences have not changed, Liquor incidents are down and the RCMP have noticed less public intoxication.

Councillor Mario Feldhoff asked if he was recruiting to fill vacancies. The reply was the two vacancies were for two new positions for 2016. There will be one vacancy which they wish to fill following a maternity leave.

Councillor Rob Goffinet wanted to know about an increase in driving complaints, and wondered if it steamed from a trend from people watching events on the road and calling the RCMP to follow up. The reply was the RCMP are asking the public to report any erratic driving or possibly drunk driving which they see so they can respond.

Goffinet also asked about the prisoner statistics. MacDermid stated you never know how things will be. There were Wednesdays when the place was jumping and boring Saturdays.

“There is one thing I’ve notice, is [there are] a lot more women [in the jail cells]. You used to go three months without seeing a female person in there, and now, I don’t know if their liberated or what, but there is close to equal. 1 out of 3 is a lady now,” said MacDermid.

Councillor Edwin Empinado stated people in town are concerned with people dropping their cigarette butts on the highway. Morgan replied they would be happy to take calls if anyone would wish to report this. It is a high risk in the dry weather.

There were no further questions. Mayor Phil Germuth wished MacDermid the best in his future endeavours.