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REPORTING · 21st July 2015
Walter McFarlane
Councillor Larry Walker made a motion at the Regular Meeting of Kitimat Council on July 6th to have the District of Kitimat assign a staff member to review and release minutes and related information from closed meetings which no longer require confidentiality.

Walker explained he was reading a document put out by the Ombudsman of BC which states the government to remain transparent, accountable, while informing and engaging the public.

ďAt a closed Council Meeting, the following meeting, we accept the minutes and there is a motion as to what should be released. It appears to me, what happens if itís two meetings behind or three or four or maybe three months or five months behind, does it stay there or does it die on the table. Maybe we ought to inform the public so itís no longer confidential that those articles be released so that we have an informed public,Ē said Walker.

Councillor Mario Feldhoff said they have been proactive by looking at the decisions made when items should be released. He asked for comment from the staff.

They were told that the release of information is on the agenda of every closed meeting. However, there could be some items which are not brought forward when they are complete or when they are resolved. It was suggested they are tracked and publicized.

Councillor Mary Murphy stated there are items which come up once in a while which are not closed and are released the next day. She thought there was a way of tracking these items. However, she was told they are not reviewed as to what is completed and should be released. The motion was called and carried.