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REPORTING · 21st July 2015
Walter McFarlane
Trish Parsons of the Kitimat Chamber of Commerce provided Council with the Annual Tourism Report on Monday, July 6th. She provided Council with a complete package of the advertising they have undertaken over the past year.

“One of our big challenges this spring was with tourism services, was for camping accommodations. We’re really looking forward to all of the recreational facilities being open again. Our swimming pool is a huge venue where we have visitors who come into town looking forward to utilize the swimming pool and we have, over the past few months, provided people with allowing them to park overnight in our parking lot and access water up at the Visitors Centre and we do run interference in explaining that we are getting everything back up to speed,” said Parsons.

She told the Council they have been advertising the Giant Spruce Tree, as well as the hiking and fishing. She added no one was complaining about the good weather.

Parsons explained to the Council they advertise the community to fishermen in Alberta, and when it comes to feature articles on LNG and other opportunities for the region, they promote the tourism locally using limited funds. She stated they are promoting local tourism businesses to keep them about.

She also informed Council about the upcoming ‘Man’s Best Friend Show and Shine.’ It will be on August 22nd, 2015 at 10:00 Am. The entry fee is by donation and all proceeds will support the Kitimat Humane Society.

Parsons expressed the Fish Derby will be coming up on September 6th Labour Day Long Weekend. She expressed they are drawing fisher-people from around the province and even outside the country.

“We removed the Halibut portion from our Fish Derby because licensing requirements and weights have been changed over the years so it makes it challenging to host the event and have Halibut on the list when your maximum Halibut is only 25 Pounds allowed now,” said Parsons.

Councillor Larry Walker asked about Highway Signage between Kitimat and Terrace. He wanted to get people traveling to Prince Rupert to come to Kitimat. Parsons replied they are working with the Economic Development Offices in the District of Kitimat to get signage closer to Houston.
taxpayer funded camping
Comment by kitimat first on 27th July 2015
in reply to dj, you think having more campsites will cure the problem of river camping in kitimat. its the whole reason people come here is to fish and fish only. why would anybody in their right mind pay for a campsite away from the river, when they can have it free right at the source of what they have come for in the first place. all logical camping at the river is either native, rio tinto or federally owned lands anything away from the river will not succeed till river camping is eliminated period.
Comment by dj on 27th July 2015
In regards to the free camping the previous commenter mentioned; until the district or a private investor creates more campsites, where are these people supposed to go? They want to be in Kitimat, however we do not have enough sites. You can complain all you want, but until there is an actual solution for them, you cant blame them.

I intially felt the same way as you did, however until there is more campsites and a solution, this problem will only get worse.

tourism & camping
Comment by j s on 25th July 2015
one of the biggest challenges is the camping accomidations, is understandable but every year it just gets worse and nothing gets done .is there a plan or not.
Should be no free camping
Comment by Lifetimeofkitimat on 21st July 2015
I think there should be no free camping on the river seeing lots of trash on the river after fishing season don't for get the trails on the river are full of human waste it's gross trying to walk/ATV down the trails with out seeing shit all over the trail and beer cans broken beer bottles burnt up pallets with tons of nails laying around for tires to get popped and dogs getting cut on glass if they wanna camp go to the lake Iam tired of seeing this river turn to shit I don't even fish this river anymore I fished it for 20 years
Free camping
Comment by Carol on 21st July 2015
Don't forget to tell all those fishermen about the free camping on the Kitimat River.