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COMMENTARY · 20th July 2015
Just happened to take a drive by the Kitimat River today and saw some 36 camping units and some tents. Hope all is well in Kitimat;s new campground and that everyone is paying for a site along this beautiful river.
Wine with that Cheese?
Comment by Donk on 29th September 2015
It's good to see people enjoying life along a short stretch of the Kitimat river. Why do you feel they should pay to do so? I think we already pay enough and it's nice to see working families get a break. I don't camp there or even trailer there but I've never seen or smelled any sewage there. As for fishing access, fishing is one of Kitimat's few assets that seasonally attracts people from all over the world. It's a price we pay for the fishing licenses sold. What's next, paying for your kids to enter a park?
river sanitation
Comment by dos on 27th July 2015
where are the campers at kitimat river dumping their sewage.If they stay there for weeks and want to keep their spot do they start going in the bush or dump it right there.As a non river fisherman I have no problem with tourism and banning camping at the river would be a rule for everyone.locals included,its up to city council or fisheries to rule on this matter becareful what you wish for
Florida land for sale, cheap
Comment by Started at the bottom on 23rd July 2015
It was a nice gesture to return the land back to the government for sure, but can't see anything being built there, as its tidal flats. But we could turn it into a dog run, then the lazy inconsiderate owners wouldn't have to pick up there dog feces, just let the ocean take it away. Maybe then one could walk the sidewalks of town without smelling, or stepping in there messes. Heck, we spent over a million and a half on doggy day care, let's spend more on the dogs than we do on our seniors or low income citizens.
Camp in pg if you like
Comment by Lifetimeofkitimat on 23rd July 2015
Quit talking on how pg has nice camping grounds camp in pg not kitimat this river is turning into shit local ppl can't find a place to fish this river Iam tired trying to drive around looking for a place to fish but can't Iam just about to launch my jet boat into the river and start fishing the Haisla way and Iam Haisla just about ready to fish with a net just to piss more out of town ppl and Iam giving up fishing with a rod and reel Iam gonna buy a river net since I can't find a spot to fish with a rod and reel and start driving my boat in the river
Free camping
Comment by Carol on 23rd July 2015
Since there are some empty sites at Radley Park and Hirsch Creek there should be no free camping along the Kitimat River. who is responsible for controlling what is happening .....the Fisheries ? the District of Kitmat ? Are the campers 30 metres from the Kitimat River as required on the sign at the road into this prime area along the Kitimat River ? Where is the sani-dump in Kitimat ? Is grey water being dumped from these trailers. How long are they allowed to stay there ? Two weeks and one has to vacate most campgrounds. There is definitely no control looking at how and where the campers have sqweezed themselves into some of the spots. Past the road of the Fisheries the campers are tucked in wherever they can park. These area should only be for people that go fishing for the day....locals feel they are being shot out of this beautiful area.
kitimat camping
Comment by j.s. on 22nd July 2015
whares the land kitimat just recieved 456 acers of land along minnette bay for ten dollars that would be a great spot for a campsite , and thro in a nice dog park .
Would there be support for a private campground
Comment by Started at the bottom on 22nd July 2015
And where is this land that is in, or near Kitimat that is big enough for a campground. And if there was, which there isn't, it would cost at least one hundred thousand a acre, add another hunyy per acre for prep, fill, hydro, sewer, permits landscaping, roads etc, no buildings at this price, let's say five acres, so we are into it for a million, we charge thirty bucks a night, for maybe five months of the year, which everyone gasps and says THATS TO MUCH!!!! WHAT A RIPP! ITS CHEAPER IN TERRACE, blah blah blah, and then set up on the river for the summer for free. Time to close the river for camping. Where else in the world can you park your RV on prime waterfront in the middle of a community for free?
am for real
Comment by j.s. on 21st July 2015
ferry island terrace b.c. muninciple camp ground 103 campsites, 150 acres, shower facilities, play ground for children, basic or electrical campsites, natural eco system pets alowed 14 day max stay reservations. for real you go to p.g .i,d rather stay here.thank you..
Comment by j.s. on 21st July 2015
build your own thats a good idea we can operate it the same as the golf course with every one owning shares and getting one hundred or onefifty grand from the town every year.
build your own
Comment by For real on 21st July 2015
Why should the city build a campsite? The city should not be in the business of campgrounds. They are in the business of operating and governing a municipality. You just have to look at places like Prince George. They have several RV parks that are owned and operated privately. All those complaining about 'no camping' should get together and buy their own parcel of land and make a go of it.
river camping
Comment by j s on 20th July 2015
you can,t blame people for wanting to come to kitimat to camp , on the other hand there is no proper campsites around other than Radley park unless the town builds another rv/campsite things wont change.