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REPORTING · 26th June 2015
Walter McFarlane
On Friday, June 19th, Mount Elizabeth Middle and Secondary School reached the final part of their month long celebration of successes with a graduation ceremony for their Grade 12 students. Over 70 students were given their diploma and honoured by their school, while passing the symbolic flame of knowledge to the Grade 11 students who will graduate in 2016.

There were a number of speakers to wish the grads well in the years to come, while taking one last stab at influencing them for the better.

School Board Trustee Raymond Raj stated the teachers have been very proud of their students and were happy to see them graduate. He thanked the parents and community members for their support of the students.

“Learning is a life long journey,” said Raj. He advised them they would succeed or fail in life based on the choices they made, to be kind to others, putting themselves in someone else’s shoes and they do not have to be brilliant or clever to make a difference in someone else’s life.

School Board Superintendent Katherine McIntosh congratulated the grad class on their achievements and advised them on the choices ahead of them, letting them know their graduation will help them become more successful in life.

“Please live healthy fulfilling lives, contribute to our society, assist those who are less fortunate then you and embrace those who are different then you,” said McIntosh.

Principal Nancy Tormene, expressed she has taught, and watched many of the graduates grow. She stated the Kindergarten Class she taught at Nechako, was graduating high school. She asked them to keep their curiosity, take chances and learn new things, never fearing failure and making mistakes.

“It is through mistakes that learning happens, and the world progresses,” said Tormene. “If you fail, learn from it, ask for help, and try again.”

The next speaker was Dave Durrant, who delivered a message from the teachers. He stated this was a beginning of the journey of offering the uniqueness of the students to the world, regardless of their field of endeavour.

“We can’t all be the best, but you, graduates, you, could be more than the best,” said Durrant

He told the grads the public education process was there to prepare them for their journey of excellence.

He was followed by Fernanda Fontes, speaking on behalf of the parents. She told the students their parents have spent the year looking back on their accomplishments and wondering where the time has gone. She said the parents were proud to be celebrating the success of their children and advised them not to give up on their dreams and have faith in their abilities.

The final speaker was the Valedictorian, Dylan Fossl. He gave an entertaining speech where he congratulated the graduating class of 2015. He explained the most important lessons of each of the classes he took, how English teaches people to look deeper and ask questions about yourself and the world. Physics teaches people that the energy they put into something is what they get out of it and everyone has this potential.

He talked about chemistry, where they learned about atoms, which are a lot of nothing. He stated, however, when the nothings are stacked together, they make something which matters. Finally, Calculus was a class where they learned:

“Not everything is going to make sense all the time. Some ideas, are going to be hard to wrap your head around and people are going to do things and sometimes, you’re not going to understand why,” said Fossl. He said all dreams have their limits.

He told them life was about to change. They no longer had a place to go where they can hang out all day and have fun. “This has been an amazing ride. I’m happy to say it’s over,” said Fossl.

He encouraged one more round of applause for the class of 2015.
Valedictorian, Dylan Fossl
Valedictorian, Dylan Fossl