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REPORTING · 24th June 2015
Walter McFarlane
Kitimat City Council has been dealing with Playgrounds a lot at their recent meetings. On Monday, June 8th, Kitimat Council was talking about the Canada 150 Infrastructure Plan.

“In preparation for the celebration of Canada 150th Birthday in 2017, the Federal Government has put forward an infrastructure funding program. The funding is for any one project, 50% of all costs to a maximum of $500,000. The program is designed to create a lasting legacy of projects around Canada that will rehabilitate existing community facilities in an effort to strengthen communities,” wrote CAO Warren Waycheshen in a memo to Council.

He explained that since the District of Kitimat has not started the second phase of their building assessment, it would be difficult to apply for one of these projects. However, there are two playgrounds which need to be replaced. He suggested that Council suggests other projects, but ones with a short timeline.

Councillor Larry Walker suggested putting together a similar package for the Wakita Park. “Were going up with these, our budgeted ones that we have here, and why not take a gamble and throw another one in because if it’s not a heck of a lot of work because going to be the same type of equipment, or is it, can it be done, added too, can we make an application under this grant structure for three parks instead of two?”

He was told by Martin Gould, the head of the Kitimat Leisure Services Department they could make an application, but the funding would only cover up to 50% of the project. If they want to look into it, the Council would have to figure out where the rest of the money would be coming from.

In addition, if the District were to build a playground in the area, the ground would need to be landscaped before they could install a park. They were planning on doing it.

Back on May 18th, at a Regular Meeting of Council, Councillor Mario Feldhoff made a motion to landscape the municipal park on Wozney Street by the end of 2015. He expressed with the number of homes being built in the area, they should at least landscape the park and plant grass to make it more appropriate for the area. However, the motion was put off until a report came back from the District of Kitimat Staff.

On the 8th of June, Feldhoff stated they were still waiting for a report back on it. Councillor Edwin Empinado moved the recommendation, to support the application. Feldhoff made an amendment to request funding for Riverlodge, Angle and the Wozney Street landscaping in the application.

Councillor Rob Goffinet wanted to know if they would be able to add more items. He was told the Administration decided to put it before Council well before the deadline anticipating Council wanted to make some changes. He added the two original projects in the request were projects they were going to do anyway.

The amended motion was called and carried.
Play Gound For Cablecar
Comment by Pinnwheel on 26th June 2015
How about it?
There are play grounds all over Kitimat BUT nothing in Cablecar WHY is this?
Just asking.
you can keep your smart remarks to your self that way when you gather enough of them up you'll be able to stuff them up your ***....
A town square
Comment by Dave on 24th June 2015
This government grant offer would be a perfect opportunity to invest and finally build a central town square. This is something so obvious that Kitimat lacks. It would potentially host so many community functions that in return will foster community spirit, much like Terrace's George little park. This initiative would benefit every citizen of Kitimat. Really would love to see this council start thinking a little bit outside the box and looking ahead with some.