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NEWS RELEASE · 17th June 2015
Nathan Cullen
Northern communities will not allow Northern Gateway to be built

SMITHERS, BC – One year after federal approval, opposition to the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline and tanker project is stronger than ever.

Ever since Northern Gateway was first proposed, First Nations and northern communities have stood together to protect their lands and waters - on the streets, in community halls, in the JRP hearing room, and now in the courts. Our wall of opposition is unbroken.

“It is not up to Enbridge or the federal government to decide, it is up to the people who live here and they have unequivocally said ‘No’”, asserted Gerald Amos, Chair of the Friends of Wild Salmon coalition. “Coastal First Nations have a tanker ban through their waters and the Save the Fraser Declaration bans tar sands oil over land.”

“The Skeena watershed has a history of defending our wild salmon. We stopped fish farms on the North Coast, coalbed methane drilling in the Sacred Headwaters, and we will stop Enbridge. From Haida Gwaii to Terrace to Fort St. James, communities have said no and will continue to say no until this project is dead for good”, said Amos.

“The Skeena River runs right through Terrace and every year the salmon runs provide us with food and contribute to our local economy. There are no assurances that Enbridge or the federal government can make that will change our minds – this project is too risky and we will not allow it to be built”, affirmed Anne Hill of Northwest Watch in Terrace, BC.

“When Enbridge first proposed its pipeline in 2009 our community knew it was too risky. Following the leadership of the Wet’suwet’en, we came together as a united voice with the rest of the watershed to say ‘no’ - not now and not ever’, stated Dawn Remington of Friends of Morice Bulkley in Smithers.

“Last year in Kitimat, local residents came together in a municipal plebiscite and decisively voted “no” to Northern Gateway. This is not a community that is opposed to development but Northern Gateway is simply not worth the risk”, declared Patricia Lange of Douglas Channel Watch in Kitimat. “I’ve seen the narrow Douglas Channel in a storm and it is no place for super tankers.”

"The oil industry is desperate to break the unity of North Coast people against oil tankers, but we have a history of defending our great salmon wealth", declared Luanne Roth of the T. Buck Environmental Foundation in Prince Rupert. "Our future does not include oil spills, it includes millions of wild salmon and the local jobs and healthy communities which come with them."

“Fort St. James is standing in solidarity with local First Nations, the Nak’azdli and Nadleh Whut’en, as they take Enbridge to court to protect their lands. Since Enbridge first proposed their pipeline and tanker project, we have come together as a community with the shared purpose of ensuring Enbridge is not a part of our future”, said Brenda Gouglas of the Fort St. James Sustainability Group.

There are 13 groups with court cases against Northern Gateway including First Nations, conservation organizations and Unifor. Communities across the north and across the province are coming together in a “Week to End Enbridge” from June 13 - 21, organizing fundraisers to support First Nation legal fees.
Nay sayer
Comment by Pinnwheel on 4th July 2015
Frank should pull his head out of his a** and start to try to find beter alternatives to fossile fules, but then again why not use it all up now with our two cars in the driveway our motorcycles and quads and boats skidoos....ect.
the sooner we use it all up the sooner we will not have this argument, and we can explain to our grand children that due to our ignorance and governments short sightedness we have that resorce no more, I just hope we can breath the air and not get burned alive when going out side on a nice day.........the sooner fossile fuels are gone the better off this planet will be.
Comment by Frank on 29th June 2015
Okay so nobody clarified that the so called plebicite was only defeated by 350-450 votes.
Nay sayers - get real. Connect the dots - David black will build the refinery. Hello ?
The productive segment- of Kitimat populus wants the progress.. The not so productive camp of nay sayers- well fill in the blanks.

PS the market will obtain the oil from whichever source on Earth.
Nay Sayers...aren't you driving that car of yours daily to Overwaitea....? Just saying...
The world market aka client will get that oil from somewhere. If you nay sayers veto and block this once in a lifetime opportunity, your govt. cheques will dry up quicker then the paint on your deck in July .
Have a good day now and enjoy your drive to Terrace on a sunny day. By the way that asphalt road with those annoying summer repairs,......ahhh yea, its made of oil and the gas you put in that car of yours, well it didn't come from Onion Lake either.
Let's get on with it
Comment by Started at the botom on 19th June 2015
Build a refinery, process the oil here, and then ship it. Now everyone will be happy, lots of jobs, and no risk of bitumen in the ocean. If you havnt noticed Nathen, the North is dying, it's ok for a handful of retirees and welfare recipients to say no to everything, but some of us want to work, and stay in the north, and you are making it very hard to do that. On a further note, your phone in town hall meeting the other night, why the did call display come up as United States? Are you sending even those jobs out of the country also???? Let's get people WORKING.
Yes to northern Gateway
Comment by Cem on 18th June 2015
Don't say _everyone is against Northern Gateway development.....there are people that want to work and have jobs that pay for a home and a decent life off pogey or welfare.