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REPORTING · 16th June 2015
Walter McFarlane
At the Regular Meeting of City Council on Monday, June 15th, Kitimat Council was given an update on when the District Services are coming back online following the recent settlement of the labour dispute.

Warren Waycheshen told Council the District of Kitimat Employees were back at work at the District of Kitimat Offices as of Friday. People were returning to work at the yard and they were doing an assessment of the equipment and hoped they would be done next week.

The second report came from the Engineering Department of the District of Kitimat and Wayne Sussbauer. He explained the Building Inspectors returned to work on Friday and will be assessing everything that was constructed while the strike was on. They will be doing this as quickly as possible because there are numerous projects being built.

Martin Gould, head of the Kitimat Leisure Services Department gave a lengthy report on what is happening in his department.

“I’m happy to report that our facilities are coming up to operations. I can’t be more proud of our team that is pulling things together and the staff that have come back to work, so far, to get things going,” said Gould.

The Seniors had permission to access the senior Centre earlier that day, at noon, the Youth Centre will be opening again later this week. Riverlodge is anticipated to be opening up Saturday. There is some cleaning which needs to be done.

On Monday, June 22nd, Tamitik will be open to walkers. However, there is a problem with remaining Ice Paint on the Tamitik Floor. They hope it will be dealt with in the next two weeks. However, they could not guarantee the Show and Shine an opening date.

Hirsch Creek is expected to be the first park to open. Gould reminded Council of the huge snowstorm in February and they need to go into the park and do some assessments. They need to clean roads and will be cleaning up sites. Gardening and playgrounds will be ongoing.

They expect it would take two weeks to get the parks operational. “We’ll do our best with our staff to get them up and running,” said Gould.

Mayor Phil Germuth asked when the Sani-Dump is scheduled to be open. Gould expressed they hope it will be ready in 2.5 weeks, when it is working.

The item which is expected to take the longest amount of time is the pool, estimated at four weeks. Gould stated this is so they can clean the tanks, assess the joints, seals and mechanical items, test the equipment and fill the pool. They will also have to send a sample to the Health department and make sure the Staff is trained.

This is expected to take two weeks, but Gould told the Council if there are any problems, such as the water sample coming back below standards, it could take longer. They are taking the extra days to make sure everything is running as well as it can. He expressed he did not wish to underestimate how long it will take to get the pool ready because there would be a lot of disappointed people. In addition, they plan to do the fall shut down of the pool now so they do not have to shut it down again.
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Comment by rocker on 20th June 2015
I am glad the dristri c is back to work .It's hard for heir families being o. Strick to provide for their families. The distric also done à good job they hard workers .I remember one year it snowed lots I was at the bus stop and two guys from the district came to shovel the bus stops they seen me standing g in the snow at the other bus stop they came over to shovel the snow as I was waiting g for the bus they did à good job I appreciated it very much god bless them. We should appre irate the district more as the work hard to keep kitimat clean and beautiful. He gardeners especially work hard to make the flower gardens beautiful espe I ally they put beautiful flower across from aw. it's nice to look out the widow from aw to see such h beautiful scenery and also the wild life that crosses the road bear, deers and moose's . district is to be aprreciated for the hard work they do god bless