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NEWS RELEASE · 5th June 2015
District of Kitimat
At the request of the Union, the Mediator has reviewed press releases issued by the District of Kitimat and confirmed that District releases follow regulations. The District has a right to communicate with our citizens and employees and is duty bound to correct misinformation. The District will continue to discuss the contents of what has been offered without violating mediation practices.

Why does the Union not want the District to tell you about the rights, benefits and wage increases already offered by the District? The Union does not want the District to tell you the truth about the contents of bargaining for the same reason it refused binding arbitration: the benefits, wages and language offered by the District are already more than fair, they are superior to other Collective Agreements.

The Union announced that its last offer was the minimal required - that statement was misleading and the District was duty-bound to correct it.

The Districtís offer is not minimal and includes:

- a 2.5% wage increase in each of three years; increases to wages which are already top in the province and higher than other municipalities

- significant increases to health and welfare benefits; benefits which are already superior to other municipalities

- paying labourers at Equipment Operator III rates 100% of the time, even though they will not always be operating equipment

- creating 10 full-time jobs, regardless of manpower needs

- continued harassment protection which applies equally to Unifor, Kitimat Firefighters Association, exempt staff, Councillors and the public

Had the Union agreed to binding arbitration, employees would be back at work.

The parties are returning to mediation on June 7 and 8. The District respects the mediation process and is hopeful that an agreement can be reached.
Take A Drink
Comment by K on 5th June 2015
Take a shot of tequila each time the district posts or has posted an update or press release.

I guarantee you will be so drunk you wont recall there is a strike going on.
Fed Up
Comment by Oil is Good on 5th June 2015
I really can't believe this has dragged on so long. People in the community are getting pissed at both sides and want to see this resolved ASAP. I have heard that the lawyer the city uses for labor union negotiations is the same one that was used for Eurocan and the Firefighters. NONE of the negotiations have ever gone well and there is a common denominator here. I believe that maybe the district should look at an alternative to the existing law office because they seem to have LOT$ of PROBLEM$ where ever they are. KAO$ I$ CA$H