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NEWS RELEASE · 28th May 2015
District of Kitimat
The Union has rejected binding arbitration. Binding arbitration would have resulted in employees immediately returning to work while arbitration occurred.

It is unfortunate the Union was not prepared to trust an arbitrator with assisting in finalizing a Collective Agreement, given the length of the strike and the parties’ inability to settle.
House owner
Comment by Norm on 29th May 2015
Why does the union think intimidation is the answer. I had the pleasure of seeing it first hand when I went to pay my property taxes. I will be away for 2 months and wanted to pay my taxes before leaving for 2 months. I have and will always be a strong believer in unions and the right to Strike. There are some things that are just not right and picketing and harassing seniors might not be the thing to do. I f you want to loose support keep it up.
now what?
Comment by citizen on 29th May 2015
the district already said 'final offer', they will likely come to that conclusion again with mediation. and then the union says no to it and no to binding arbitration. so then what?
the union just skunked itself. i pitythe employees who want to return to work.
no savings for taxpayer
Comment by bill on 29th May 2015
So just curious with all the money the district is saving why is my tax bill gone through the roof.

Guess they are following the lead like the rest of government less service & more tax!
when will it end?
Comment by PG on 29th May 2015
This strikes gone on for so long the workers have probably forgot how to do their jobs lol. I said at the outset that the union intimidates the members with show of hand votes. This whole mess would have been put to rest with a secret ballot and its for this reason i alway give a wave to those on the picket line, not all of them are responsible for dragging this on. Union treats its members like kids that can't be trusted to think for them selves. Meanwhile the parks are closed to campers, the seniors can't get their recreation or exercise at the pool. Its a shame.
Of Course
Comment by Joe on 28th May 2015
Of course the union won't agree to binding arbitration because once the arbitrator sees that they are already some of the highest paid municipal workers in the province and are already being offered a above fair wage package as compared to what others of settled for and are just greedy his binding decision may not be favorable to their cause.
So Go for a Lockout & Then Unifor will Settle?
Comment by E on 28th May 2015
Unifor is playing the same strategy it did with CN earlier this year.
Adamantly refusing binding arbitration then when CN said it would impose a lockout, then Unifor within 2 days settled!
Time to move ahead.
Comment by Seriously folks on 28th May 2015
I think it is about time that Kitimat moves ahead with or without the union. If they do not want to go into binding arbitration, then fine. The DOK should start looking for companies or individuals that can offer their services to clean up this town. Let us rid ourselves of this insanity!
Of course they did
Comment by Franco on 28th May 2015
arbitration would have resulted in the union getting laughed at and being forced to take a realistic agreement. I feel bad for the members at this point - the union head is a pig headed idiot who is going to sink alot of local families.