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NEWS RELEASE · 27th May 2015
District of Kitimat
The District of Kitimat has offered its employees a 2.5% wage increase per year in 2015, 2016 and 2017. Kitimatís employees will remain among the best paid municipal employees in British Columbia.

In addition to a generous wage offer, the Districtís proposal addresses numerous concerns brought forward by the Union. These proposals will provide a better contract than most other municipalities have with their employees and have been increased in numerous areas.

What are some of the Health Plan benefits offered?

- Hearing aid maximum to $1,500 per ear over a two-year period (currently $1,500 maximum over a five-year period).

- Chiropractic/naturopathic yearly maximum increased to $800 (currently $600).

- Speech therapist yearly maximum increased to $2,000 (currently $1,000).

- Psychologist yearly maximum increased to $900 (currently $600).

- Acupuncture treatments yearly maximum increased to $800 (currently $600).

- Physiotherapist or massage therapist yearly maximum increased to $800 (currently $600).

- Orthopedic shoes yearly maximum increased to $600 for adults and $600 for dependent child (currently $500 for each).

- Orthodontic coverage yearly maximum increased to $5,000 and to include white fillings (currently $3,750).

- Eyeglass and contact lens coverage of up to $500 per family member every two years (currently $355).

- Examination coverage of maximum $100 per family member every two years (currently $85).

- Laser eye surgery, to correct vision, may be substituted once in lieu of eyeglasses and examination claims up to a maximum of $600 dollars for a two-year period per family member (currently $440).

- New birth control coverage of up to $300 per year for both oral contraceptives and non-oral contraceptives.

What are some of the increases offered for allowances and premiums?

- Increase in abnormal conditions pay.

- Increase in meal ticket allowances.

- Increase in safety boot allowance.

- Reimbursement for steel toed rubber boots.

- Increase in mechanicís tool allowance.

How is the District addressing job security?

Employees are concerned about contracting out and job security. To address these concerns, the District of Kitimat has agreed to re-sign the letter of agreement attached to the current Collective Agreement which lists every full-time and regular part-time employees now working with the municipality. The letter states that those employees will not be laid off. This is a rare clause in a Collective Agreement.

Additionally, written into the contract is a guarantee that Regular Employees shall not be laid off or denied recall as a consequence of contracting out. We want our employees to feel secure in their employment.

What changes is the District proposing for part-time workers?

What about the large number of part-time employees employed by the District? The number of part-time positions the District has in Leisure Services is in line with other municipalities such as Terrace and Prince Rupert. Staff in Leisure Services often includesstudents who are seeking part-time or casual employment. To address concerns of too many part-timers, the District of Kitimat has agreed to convert part-time positions in Leisure Services into 10 full-time jobs over the next two years, six in year one and four in year two.

What are some of the other offers?

- Transitioning Labourers to the Equipment Operator III position.

- All Crew Leader I positions will be transitioned to the Crew Leader II rate.

- Elevating two positions to Heavy Equipment Operators.

Where do I get more information?

The District of Kitimat website will be updated regularly to keep the public informed of any service disruptions that may occur due to a strike. Please visit Updates will also be available on the District of Kitimat Facebook page and ,,,KitimatDistrict on