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REPORTING · 26th May 2015
Walter McFarlane
On Monday, May 25th, the Bull-O-Rama Committee officially decided to cancel the event. The organizers are not going to disclose how much they have lost in advertising and ticket printing.

“We can’t spend any more money on an event that we don’t have any conformations for the venue. We can’t rely that Tamitik is going to be there for us,” said Vickey Kokesch, Chair of the Kitimat Community Fair Grounds.

Earlier today, Tuesday, May 26th, Unifor announced the strike could be over by the end of the month. Kokesch told us it is too late. The Comittee has had their hopes up before and they have waited as long as they could to cancel.

They cannot ask the professionals who will bring the stock or the entertainers to wait any longer and potentially give up a lucrative weekend because there is no venue. For the local clubs who work the concessions, the committee does not want them to lose money.

“We’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. We’re not going to place blame and we’re not going to say who’s at fault. We’re caught in a situation and it’s not a good situation for us or other events going on in Kitimat,” said Kokesch.

Kokesch said they will probably attempt to host the Bull O Rama in 2016. “It’s such a great community event. The support for it, from the volunteers, the sponsors, those who are working that night, the supports amazing and it makes the event easier to put on when you have some good positive support. We’ll be looking at it next year. After two years off, I think people will be ready for bull riding again.”

She thanked all the people who worked on the committee and all the hard work they put in to the event.

“People’s tickets will be refunded if they go back to where they purchased them. Their money will be refunded,” said Kokesch.