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NEWS RELEASE · 20th May 2015
Friends of Wild Salmon
Residents of the Skeena Watershed pledge to save Lelu Island from Pacific Northwest LNG

A declaration to save Lelu Island in the Skeena Estuary has been signed by 2,000 residents from across the watershed, joining the Lax Kw’alaams and other First Nations who oppose LNG development at this site.

The declaration at reads, “We, the undersigned, share a deep and abiding interest in the continued health and abundance of wild Skeena salmon. Therefore, we declare the proposed Pacific Northwest LNG project cannot proceed.”

“Communities of the Skeena watershed are not willing to risk losing their salmon for Petronas’ short-sighted LNG project.” said Gerald Amos, Friends of Wild Salmon Chair. “Salmon have been the roots of our culture for generations and we will ensure that they remain so for generations to come.”

The proposed Petronas Pacific Northwest LNG development on Lelu Island, on the estuary of the Skeena River, puts all species of salmon at risk. A study by the federal government in 1973, as well as recent science, confirms that altering or destroying these habitats will significantly damage the abundance and health of Skeena salmon.

“The selection of this site was not done in consultation with First Nations and Skeena communities.” said Des Nobels of Prince Rupert. “Given the strong value that salmon hold in this watershed, this was an extreme oversight on the part of the Port of Prince Rupert, Petronas, and the Province of BC.” he added.

Expert science warns that Petronas’ LNG facility seriously risks the erosion of Flora Bank and destruction of the eelgrass beds critical to Skeena salmon. Pacific Northwest LNG has refused to listen to repeated requests to find an alternative site.
what if it was a container terminal?
Comment by ANTI - NIMBY on 21st May 2015
Once again the "expert" scientists from Vancouver are going to scare away the economic drivers of the northwest... Now if this was a container terminal would they complain...or a RTA wharf

This is a fight against big oil, even if it is a GAS project!!!