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REPORTING · 20th May 2015
Walter McFarlane
Kitimat City Council made a decision to give the Kildala School Parent Advisory Council the rest of the money it needs to build a new playground at Kildala Elementary School on Tuesday, May 19th. While Council was given several options relating to the playground, the reigns were placed in their hands.

A memo to Council pointed out there was a precedent of investing money into the schools, from funding a portion of the Mount Elizabeth Theatre, to helping pay for the Tennis Court Renovations at Mount Elizabeth, and even subsidize $20,000 towards the sports fields every year.

Councillor Mary Murphy made a motion to approve the Grant Request for up to $15,457. Originally, the PAC had asked for $20,000 but was able to fundraise more money over the weekend.

“I think we had a really good presentation on it and we really want to support the Green Space and Parks for the Children throughout the community including Wozney Street so I would support that very good presentation that was put forward to us,” said Murphy.

Councillor Larry Walker suggested releasing the full $20,000. He was worried the playground might run over budget and he wanted to release additional funds to make sure the playground is completed, as long as the remaining funds from this additional investment are returned to the municipality. He said it was going to be a great facility.

Councillor Rob Goffinet wanted additional information so Kimberly Wasyleski got up to address Council. Goffinet asked Wasyleski if they needed the extra money. She replied it would be nice to have a safety net but they wanted to be as close to the quote they were given as they could. She told Council they would go back to fundraising if they went over.

Murphy suggested having the group come back to Council if they needed more funds.

Walker pointed out: “In my many years of business experience, I could probably count on one hand the number of times a project has come in under budget. They either come in under the budget or they come in over the budget. I’m just trying to save a little time so you don’t have to come back here and look at our gloomy faces again.”

Council congratulated the PAC for the successful fundraising. The amendment was defeated. The main motion for the $15,000 was called and carried. Acting Mayor Feldhoff said if money did not address the costs, they should let them know.

Wasyleski thanked the Council as well as the community for getting them to their goal.
Play Gound For Cablecar
Comment by Pinnwheel on 20th May 2015
How about it, its about dam time don't you think a play ground and a couple of speed bumps on a few of the longer streets in cablecar as people drive like **holes when it comes to speed.
"Run over one of my children and may GOD help you"