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REPORTING · 6th May 2015
Walter McFarlane
Martin McIlwrath and Jeremy Dos Santos from Unifor 2300 came before Council on Monday, May 4th to present Council with a petition signed by over 2000 Kitimat residents.

“As I’m sure you are aware, we are in our tenth week of this labour dispute, which has been very difficult for everyone involved. Our union is very insistent on resolving this dispute in a fair collective agreement for our members. Once this is done, we can start to rebuild the community. I know that going backwards, or starting over in bargaining, will not bring an end to this difficult labour dispute. Equally, I know holding firm on all of the outstanding items will not bring an end to this labour dispute either. Therefore, our union created a petition that we placed in some of the businesses in town, online and door to door to about half of the houses in town,” said McIlwrath.

He read the petition to Council. It was a request for public support to send a message to Mayor and Council that it is unacceptable to remove offers which were made from the bargaining table. He asked them to take the petition into consideration when they were discussing their bargaining madate. He added they only wish to negotiate the outstanding items, anything which was signed off or agreed to in principal or offered previously should not be rebargained.

“We believe that with hard work and the willingness on both sides to be flexible, we will be able to end this difficult labour dispute,” said McIlwrath.

“We are still under mediation so Council cannot engage in any discussion at this time,” said Mayor Phil Germuth.
Comment by morganhorse on 12th May 2015
I don't know who you are or where you work, but if you accept even a fraction of the unfair treatment the employees of DOK have been putting up with and think anyone deserves it, I would advise you to review the Labour Standards for this Province and STAND UP for yourself.

Calling the employees coddled and over-paid is so beyond reality it's not even worth defending.

Take a good hard look at your own work environment and if you deal with issues like those the District employees have been dealing with - make it change. Don't shoot people down for fighting for their rights just because you don't have the courage to do so yourself...or because you have a cushy job that always smells like roses and you don't need to fight for more.
RTA Wage Parity
Comment by MP on 10th May 2015
If I've heard correcttly, that the union is asking for RTA wage parity, those making such requests should also be fully prepared for contracting out, since this is now a permitted practice at RTA.
What a ******* joke
Comment by Franco on 6th May 2015
A union walking door to door looking for sympathy at their over paid, over coddled members and over 2000 people sided with them. Not only does this union need a wake up call, so too do the residents of kitimat. This whole dispute is ridiculous and it stems from the greed of the district of kitimat employees and the union that backs them

Shame on you.