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NEWS RELEASE · 5th May 2015
District of Mission
The District of Mission is pleased to announce the appointment of Ron Poole to the position of Chief Administrative Officer (CAO).

Mr. Poole currently serves as CAO with the District of Kitimat, and brings a wealth of senior leadership experience in local government to the position.

He also served as CAO with Terrace, where he built effective partnerships with all levels of government, industry, and First Nations.

Previously he has held the posts of Administrator and Director of Leisure Services & Recreation Coordinator in Chetwynd, and began his career in local government as Director of Recreation with the QCI Recreation Commission in Port Clements.

Mr. Poole was chosen from a strong pool of applicants because of his proven track-record on exemplary leadership in local government and his demonstrated ability to build excellent collaborative relationships and partnerships with stakeholders at all levels.

At a ceremony in Victoria this June Mr. Poole is to be awarded the 2015 Lieutenant Governor’s Silver Medal for Excellence in Public Administration, recognizing his outstanding achievements and distinctive leadership in public administration.

Mayor Hawes said, “Ron Poole’s experience and expertise are perfectly aligned with many of our major projects and initiatives. His experience working with the Province, Federal Government, and local First Nations in Northern BC will be invaluable here in Mission as we move our community forward.” He added, “We had some very highly qualified applicants, and feel we’ve chosen the most experienced. Ron’s experience working with major industry and his leadership ability will help us to continue to grow Mission for the benefit of all citizens.”

Mr. Poole and his wife are looking forward to moving to Mission, and he says, “Mission provides the perfect mix of urban/rural living with a multitude of opportunities for my wife and I to enjoy. We look forward to being part of the community and participating in all it has to offer.”

Additionally, he stated that “the Mayor and Council made me feel very comfortable during the interview and I look forward to meeting and hearing from the staff. I’m very excited to start!”Council looks forward to working with Mr. Poole, who joins the District on Thursday, June 11,
Comment by Walter McFarlane on 7th May 2015
Looking at the site's history, we have a Ted B. and a Ted Bergen who are regular commenters. They are two different people.
kitimat first
Comment by Ted Bergen on 6th May 2015
Ted B is not Ted Bergen ! I did not post this comment. ALL my comments are clearly signed as Ted Bergen. I DO NOT hide from my comments !! I use my REAL NAME ! As far as Ron Poole leaving at this time, I am very disappointed as many are. After saying that, I wish Ron and his family all the best in the future.
If you want, call Walter to verify that Ted B is not Ted Bergen.
And by the way, kitimat first (who ever you are) I accept your apology.
leave Ted Bergen
Comment by kitimat first on 6th May 2015
if you agree with mr poole and you don't like it here leave, how you can back mr poole at this time is beyond me ! he quit in the middle of negotiations and you are gonna pat him on the back ! we now know where the problem was ! typical management ways, eh Ted !
I'd quit too...
Comment by Also a tax payer on 6th May 2015
All of these people acting like he is "bailing" on the District during "important contract negotiations" are full of it. This isn't "important" to anyone but you.

Your stupidity isn't anyone else's problem to fix. I'd leave too. So would anyone with half a brain.

Even an award-winning civil servant is no match for the culture of stupidity and entitlement engrained into this local.

Make no mistake: he's leaving because of the dispute and it's the union's fault.

You're giving collective bargaining a bad name. Sign a deal ASAP and get back to work. Every day that goes by you have less to gain. Any fool can see that.
Dont blame you, id have done the same.
Comment by Ted B. on 6th May 2015
Id leave too - there is no way id want to be associated with a town like this in any professional way. More money doesnt mean more happiness as he found out while he was living here, hopefully Mission appreciate what kitimat didnt.
Shocking News
Comment by Concerned Citizen on 5th May 2015
Mr Poole Is deserting his staff and the contract negotiations. It is untimely and shocking that he would even be looking for a different position while in the middle of such an important set of negotiations. One would have to ask...was he really committed to settling this or was he merely buying time before his next post. A slap in the face to our past mayor and council who thought so highly of him and also to his colleagues that he literally is abandoning during such a tumultuous time.
You can run, but you can't hide!
Comment by taxpayer on 5th May 2015
Pooleeee! You came from TERRACE to make more money in KITIMAT. I Don't understand why your leaving to make less money in MISSION? Are you feeling the pressure by the union and the taxpayers of KITIMAT? Maybe we should throw you a goodbye party at the union hall? NOT!
What a mess!
Comment by Joey Ocsovai on 5th May 2015
Talk about bad timing, taxpayers paid a ton of money for this guy saying how valuable he was to this town, how much experience he brings only for him to bail out during some of the toughest times this city has seen, nice one Ron, no loyalty here! He should have seen things through with the DOK labour stalemate instead of leaving this huge loose end!
More Important Contract Negotiations
Comment by Oil is Good on 5th May 2015
No wonder negotiations with the union never really happened.
Maybe Ron can take his sidekick and Tim Gleig with him!
We would save about $750K per year.
Comment by J. Flaherty on 5th May 2015
Mr. Poole congratulations on your appointment and your award. You and the family will definitely love Mission.

Best of Wishes on the next stage of your career!