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REPORTING · 1st May 2015

Message to the public

Please be aware that members from Unifor Local 2300 will be going door to door in Kitimat this weekend to ask members of our community to sign the following petition. We believe that if the members of our community support this petition it will help bring an end to this difficult Labour dispute.

Thank you!


Your Municipal workers are trying to conclude a fair Collective Agreement. In an effort to expedite the process we are asking for public support to send a message to Mayor and Council that it is unacceptable to remove previously agreed to items and offers from the bargaining table.

In the spirit of good faith bargaining I support the Municipal workers and the District of Kitimat bargaining the outstanding items only to reach a fair Collective Agreement.
Comment by Kitimat Rez on 5th May 2015
Please don't go door to door cause people feel intimidated to sign something they don't agree with Not signing will black ball people and everyone knows it How about have a Rally again and have the same 100 people show up out of a community of over 9000!! That's your true support
don't what?
Comment by John on 4th May 2015
Richard, sorry to hear you lost your father, but blaming the employees for what the DOK staff created? I don't think that's fair. Blame the overpaid staff for that major snow storm **** up! They are the one's that chose to reduce employees at the Public Works Yard. The equipment doesn't run itself!
This is real
Comment by morganhorse on 2nd May 2015
What's your point "E"?

Poor didn't get to go to the library ONE DAY! So sad for you...really. That's so abusive, isn't it?

Meanwhile, people - yes PEOPLE - in your town are desperately fighting to be heard and treated fairly. Are struggling to make ends meet with no pay and families to support. Are desperate to have the support of the community they serve to the point of going door to door....

Yet you feel harassed.

Comment by richard on 2nd May 2015
I`f your looking for disrespect . just knock on my door. I lost my dad in that snow storm feb 8 2015. come and make my to stay the hell away is all I have to same. now I`m really been warned. you just stirred up a hornet nest.lets see who get stung.
Get Real!
Comment by E on 1st May 2015
So it is not enough to harass and intimidate us taxpayers at the library and other places, now you will confront us at our homes?

There are 120 people on strike and 9550 residents. Over 30% are 55 and older and having to watch the bottom line or pensions.

This is getting out of hand and ridiculous.