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CONTRIBUTION · 28th April 2015
Robert Rowlett
As a citizen of Kitimat like most, I’m puzzled why the discussion of the labor dispute has gone so quite. Mediation has not moved either side to talk, after a weekend of mediation an impasse occurred and both parties are again home.

Mediation the act of “ guides the negotiation process by advising and listening to all sides, and whom helps the parties arrive at a mutually agreeable ("win­win") settlement.”

Now lets look at some back ground, Mayor posted “The District will now retain the services of an external negotiator. The Final Offer is off the table to give the external negotiator maximum flexibility to negotiate a collective agreement.” This seems to me to be a little misdirection to the taxpayers of Kitimat; the external negotiator I believe is one and the same supplying guidance that got the District negotiating team to this point.

The Mayor has misrepresented himself in the above statement; they were bringing in a fresh leader into the negotiations when in fact the firm was already under retainer and supplying guidance.

How much money has changed hands between District and there external Negotiator, what is the need for a settlement; citizens of Kitimat are talking to each other about the stalemate and their feeling of helplessness and doing little!

Where are the citizens unless we stand together and collect our feeling of helplessness then turn them into a force of reckoned with. Bring the pressure to bare. For the people you know that’s are standing picket duty that their families and loved ones that rely on them, for the patrons that want their facilities that their tax dollars pay for.

We all know people that feel their voices are not loud enough for both parties to hear. For the others that seem to feel that poking some with a sharp stick will make a difference; sarcasm going to the bottom of the wagon ruts.

Its time Kitimat to make this move to settle this impasse; make your collective voices heard. Does either side or both, think time or a sleepless night by the other side will bring them back to the table, and end to this!

Contact your friends get connected raise a common voice to bring this to end, bring pressure to the ones in the center of this, demand a your fair exchange for your tax dollars. A fair contract for the employees and the employer that provide the high quality of services that kitimat deserves.

Ask the questions and demand answers and most of all demand a settlement, is binding arbitration the final move if so; one side make the call!!!

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Quality Of Life
Comment by Rory Brown on 1st May 2015
First of all, Doug pay attention, well said Rob. You hit the nail right on the head. To expand on the issue of the so called external negotiator. Who is paying him? Oh, we are. Than what are we paying Ron Pool and the rest of the city staff for. That is part of their duties.
Secondly, the city has now hit the wallets of myself and others in the community that do not work at the district. I cant get an occupancy inspection on my house. This means I cant get regular insurance, causing me to pay three times the amount. Is the city going to pony up the difference?
The city council has allowed Ron, Warren and the rest of the admin. to drag their feet long enough. You work for us, the tax payers of Kitimat. You should be spending your days sitting across for the union EVERY day until this is setteled. Not driving around seeing who is on the picket lines.
Tax payers of Kitimat, its time to force council to deal with this. THEY decided to pay Ron and Warren a combine wage of almost $1,000.00 a day( and thats based on 365 days).
Enough stalling. Get back to the table. DO YOUR JOB! You can bet, if the union members at the city did their job like Ron, Warren and the rest are, they would all be fired.
In closing, I keep reading "They make enough money", and other comments like this. This is not about money. Its about quality of life.
Two sides Robert
Comment by Doug Read on 30th April 2015
Most of this post makes sense. Yes we all want a settlement. Yet once again you include a personal attack upon the Mayor for deciding to exercise his right to use different methods to resolve the dispute. Sorry but once again the subject of money is mentioned, this would be fair if it were included with a reference to 2300 spending all it's members money on this dispute? Why no reference to this behavior? Was this really what their members signed up for? Why no naming of Union management? Why no naming of the Union members demanding the whole of Council to resign? It was on video! This seems to be a bridge too far? Too easy to kick the elected officials? Reality is that the Union has refused to compromise, period. No movement. Please someone tell me what they want in order to settle? Pleeeeeeease! The District has outlined it's final offer in public. Time for the Union to do the same.