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REPORTING · 28th April 2015
Walter McFarlane
The work done by Sandra Jackson, working to clean the highway last week, on April 18th, was but a spark that drew out other community members the following week on April 25th. This time, helping with the highway clean-up was First Swing Construction.

“We’re always looking for different ways to give back to the community and do good deeds and this is just one of many,” said Bob Graham, Contractor for First Swing Construction.

There were eight people out from First Swing, joining the rest of Jackson’s crew to make around 15 people.

Graham expressed one of the things he learned while doing the clean up on Saturday is this sort of clean up needs to be done more often, and the crew which went out was not able to get all of it. They hope to do a roadside clean up again in the future.

“It’s a bad stretch of road which needs to be maintained regularly, and if people don’t get out there regularly and clean it up, it’s just going to get worse and worse,” said Graham.

Most of the garbage was household garbage or construction garbage. Among some of the surprising pieces of garbage was an entire Barbecue, found dumped near the town dump. Graham noted there was one really strange piece of garbage, an excavator track, sitting in the ditch near the bridge which has been there for some time.

During the clean-up, the crew found an unexpected piece of garbage. They watched an unsecured, long metal bar fly off the back of a black pick-up truck with no tailgate landing in the middle of the highway. It was noted a following vehicle had to swerve to avoid it.

“We’re always looking for the next project. It’s not always clean up. We’re building a fence for the community garden and we’re looking for volunteers for… we’re going to do a river clean up next time,” said Graham.

First Swing Construction does a lot of community volunteer work. To find out how you can get involved, call 1-800-318-9530.
Comment by S Jackson on 30th April 2015
Thanks so much to all that gave up their time and put in the effort!! We made a difference.
Comment by Ted Bergen on 28th April 2015
Lets not forget that the person taking the picture was also out there picking up the garbage on the side of the road. Thanks Walter McFarlane !!
Great Job!
Comment by FayEllen McFarlane on 28th April 2015
Your comment that 'it's a bad stretch of road that needs to be maintained regularly' really irks me.
I have participated in Roadside Cleanup events many years, and it is such a thankless job! You work so hard, so many hours and it looks SO GOOD! Drive down the highway a little later, and already there is new garbage. People carelessly throw their coffee cup or chip bag out the window instead of taking it home and disposing of it properly. They don't tie down their garbage when taking it to the dump - leave home with three bags and get there with only two. Come on now! You know you had three when you left home! And when you drive back up the highway, there it is by the side of the road - do you stop and pick it up? No! Just leave it there. Who cares? That's just WRONG! Why should the rest of us have to see your garbage on the side of the road, or why should someone else have to pick it up?
It's true, though, that when you stop to pick it up you may be charged with carrying an unsecured load. So tie it down properly before you leave home! And don't throw your garbage out the window!
Thanks for letting me have my say!