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NEWS RELEASE · 27th April 2015
Unifor Local 2300
April 27, 2015

Building Inspection

To further clarify the District of Kitimat’s letter “Notice to Builders” dated April 21, 2015

It is the position of our Building Inspectors that any and all work that is subject to building inspection under local and provincial code will require an actual building inspection.

Our Building Inspectors will not be liable for any and all work that has not had an actual building inspection.

Therefore, in consideration of public safety and their professional integrity our Building Inspectors will not approve any and all work without an actual building inspection.

For example: If a builder decides to proceed without an actual inspection and takes pictures of work prior to covering it up, that work will not be approved and will have to be uncovered to have an actual inspection before consideration can be given.

Our Union would like nothing more than a speedy conclusion to this difficult Labour dispute so that our community can begin to function normally again. However, we will not settle for less than a fair Collective Agreement.


Unifor Local 2300
Bargaining Committee
It may be crazy, but i see some truth in steverns post.
Comment by Ted B. on 30th April 2015

While i think you are misguided, i do think you are not entirely incorrect. I honestly believe that NHL athletes and the district of kitimat employees share a lot of the same problems. To begin, both are exposed to work environments that are not ideal. Harrassment obviously occurs at the district of kitimat. If it didn’t, why would they reject such an offer? Money doesn’t always prove to be everyones motivating factor and even if it is? Does making a million dollars mean an NHL player should be viewed half naked and objectified in a post game interview? Does a kitimat employee, who makes a fair wage, sign on to be part of a poisonous work environement? The answer is no – neither situation is right. Rudy Rudiger once said “if you put your third string kicker in at quarterback, someone is going to get sacked”. Food for thought.
To Bill and everyone
Comment by BD on 29th April 2015
Maybe scratch your head and ask yourself the following
"Why would the building department have gone through 3 (actually 4) inspectors in 2 years?"
"Why would the previous inspector who was there for so long have left such a fantastic job?"
"Why did the others who replaced him not last longer than a year?"
Better yet go and ask the council and staff what possibly could be the issue there.
So THINK about it a little bit and do a bit of homework.
Fair is Fair
Comment by Greg C on 28th April 2015
Why do I have the feeling that you have no idea what the issues even are Geraldine? Try thinking things through before lashing out. Yes, people are starting to get very inconvenienced - but making silly statements really doesn't help.
Re: Geraldine
Comment by Mel on 28th April 2015
I know enough about harassment to know that you obviously either know very little about the subject, don't care about it and perhaps subject people to it.....and do NOT do your homework when discussing the Union and District dispute. Please do your inquiries and research before making statements in a public forum - or was that just your opinion?
since when are they liable anyways
Comment by bill on 28th April 2015
There has been nothing but chaos from the building department over the past 2 years, they have gone through 3 inspectors in that time. If you think people are gonna wait for a collective agreement you are dreaming....guess what keep it up and you will be replaced by third party engineers and your building permit fees will be challenged in court as you are not providing the services one pays for.
The REAL issues...
Comment by Stevern Davword on 28th April 2015
It's playoff time in Kitimat, and in the NHL.... but if you gentlemen had a daughter, wife or sister, and she played sports professionally, how would you feel if she was forced to undress in the locker room in front of dozens of media men and women without her permission? Would you be OK with that? Would you be OK with those men and women taking photos of her while she was naked and then putting it out there for the world to see? Would you spend money watching and supporting an organization that exploits women like that? If not, then why do you support male pro-sports that exploits naked male athletes in exactly that way?
RE: Mel
Comment by Geraldine on 28th April 2015
harrassment? HARRASSMENT? ! What do you know about harrassment? The DOK workers are an over paid group with the best benefits package offered to anyone around and its still not good enough. They justify their greed by screaming harassment, Oh let me guess, the district of kitimat office is the northern bc equivalent of baltimore. I THINK NOT!
building inspection
Comment by Joe on 28th April 2015
So the whole town is being crippled by a lack of building inspections and of course the union is making a point of this to put pressure on DOK.
Perhaps its time to contract this work out many other communities do this or perhaps I believe Mr.
Glieg has the credentials to do some inspections. Whats he doing during all this mess. Even when the workers are back all permits will be dealt with in queue which means we could be waiting a long time.
RE: Geraldine
Comment by Mel on 27th April 2015
That's right - Fair is Fair. In this country "fair" is being able to go to work in a safe and healthy work environment which is free from harassment. I think that's a far cry from "self milking cows".
Here we go again...
Comment by Stevern Davword on 27th April 2015
Once again the TAX PAYER is the one left holding the birth control while the City wipes it's dirty hands on the backs of union workers.

Thanks for nothing.
Thats right! Dont settle if its not a fair settlement!
Comment by Geraldine on 27th April 2015
And while you are at it, make sure you negotiate paid trips to the moon, self milking cows and time machines.

Fair is fair!