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COMMENTARY · 24th April 2015
Count up the salaries we as taxpayers are paying for all the Staff in City Hall - who can't seem to negotiate a contract with our City workers, so they pass the buck to an "outside" negotiator and still no settlement. Meanwhile families (taxpayers) are going without a pay check, streets are filthy, riverbank is crowded with campers dumping their sewage into the river, no pool , no recreation centre, no Seniors Centre, and the list goes on!

So, they hire another Staff member, at "how much", who really under the Labor Law can only do work that is under essential service, so cannot do any other work of a bargaining unit employee that is on strike. Must not forget to mention the savings that should be there from no employees pay, will now be lost on Lawyers fees!

Mayor & Council is this the Legacy you want for your term in office?
Small Towns...
Comment by Walter McFarlane on 27th April 2015
Dear Doug:

I’ve often said that the comment section is a lose/lose situation for me. There are people in this community, on multiple sides of the political spectrum, who fear for some sort of retribution for presenting their opinion on something, as can be the case in a small town environment.

Comment by long time resident 2 on 27th April 2015
Since DOK has saved sooo much money during this dispute, maybe we could see some improvements to the town like traffic lights that operate correctly and efficiently, a City Hall, instead of supplying the Mall owner, who is from out of town, with huge wads of cash every year, some sidewalk repair, road repair, or even hire more morons to hang out at City Hall.
Anonymous posts!!!!!!!!
Comment by Doug Read on 27th April 2015
Come on Kitimat Daily I thought your policy was not to publish anon. posts? And yet here's another pro Union posting by 'K'. At least my posts that haven't supported the Union have had my name attached!!!

And while I'm here, can't help notice that while the Union claims the dispute is not about money, it's members and supporters seem obsessed by the subject of money. They love to point fingers at Management salaries, yet I'm willing to bet none of them have any clue what Management requires. They practice the politics of envy and I'm sure they feel they would do a better job running the whole town. God help us!
district savings
Comment by taxpayer on 26th April 2015
the district of kitimat is saving over 1,000,000 so far in this labor dispute.
union negativity
Comment by kitimat first on 26th April 2015
jon, how do you feel the DOK workers would be better served without the union since you feel this is all McIlwraith's and the union's fault ?
and whats he (McIlwraith) have to do with negotiations with RTA ?
you hate union's, but you like the benefits they bring you and your family though !
Comment by Long Time Resident on 26th April 2015
Or how much they have blown in legal fees etc...
Comment by BB on 25th April 2015
I would love to know how much the city has saved during this labour dispute.
Oh For...
Comment by Jon on 25th April 2015
Let the two sides work it out without all this blather of no services.

Keep in mind this is just McIlwraith's lead up to his negotiations with RTA a multinational company that is not the old Alcan! They'll just mothball everything and give lip service and leave RTA workers singing the blues.

Watch for it - some of us have been around