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CONTRIBUTION · 20th April 2015
It's my understanding that our community food bank is very busy. Busy with people that have come to Kitimat with hopes of finding employment because of the economic growth. Some of these individuals have not been able to secure work because most of the jobs have been skilled labor jobs. Just recently a number of opportunities have become available but unfortunately these jobs were offered to residents of Quebec before they were offered to or local community. It's unfortunate that one of our most sought-after employers has damaged its reputation and community relations so thoughtlessly. Although the company has now done some damage control and posted similar jobs in the local papers. The damage was already done! Many local opportunities have been lost..

Locals first
Comment by Rudy Schmidt on 21st April 2015
It doesn't end there. Do you realise how many unskilled jobs have been given to out of towners, while so many Kitimat residents are still looking for work? You think it ends there? Not quite. Do you realise that local Kitimat youth [students] are unable to find summer employment in their hometown? There's no way this should be happening to locals in times of prosperity. Shame
Name some names
Comment by Concerned Citizen on 21st April 2015
Call me crazy but... Why would you waste a whole article in the Kitimat Daily without actually naming the company?

Oh, because toy want attention!

This article is the equivalent of somebody writing a Facebook status of. " I can't believe that happened to me" without actually saying what happened, so nosy people will give you attention.

Why not name some names?
Hire local first!!
Comment by Very dissappointed! on 21st April 2015
I agree with "Dissappointed",this is complete BS ,kitimatians and Haislas built this town since Alcan came here and to see this Co. (RTA) hire out of province and hiring retired workers instead of our own local young/old workers is a slap in the face and not fair,what next Foreign workers!