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REPORTING · 20th April 2015
Walter McFarlane
Douglas Channel Watch returned to Centennial Park on Sunday, April 12th to celebrate the results of last year’s plebiscite.

“As far as the project goes, Enbridge has disappeared off the landscape, they’ve disappeared from media, they’ve disappeared from newspapers as compared to last year,” said Murray Minchin. “We think they’re trying to come up with a softer and cuddlier version of their Northern Gateway proposal. They just don’t get the fact we don’t want diluted bitumen coming through this valley and down this channel.”

Since the plebiscite, they have been keeping an eye on Enbridge. Minchin explained they have never had a real strategy for dealing with Enbridge, they just react to what comes down the pipe.

He stated the Douglas Channel Watch was invited to do a study of what happens when Diluted Bitumen enters the water by Enbridge, but they declined.

“In the first half hour, it will be spun and Enbridge will claim that: ‘Douglas Channel Watch, or the Community Environmentalists join Enbridge and the Enbridge Team in making this a safer project for the environment,’” said Minchin.

He added Enbridge has been cleaning up the Kalamazoo for 4 years now.

Minchin stated the significance of last week’s spill in Vancouver Harbour was despite having an early warning, it took 6 hours to get the booms in the water on a calm day with all the resources at hand. He wanted to know just how much of the spill had been cleaned up.

One member of Douglas Channel Watch wanted to give Enbridge an award, as they have successfully bringing the north together and building a wall to keep them out.
Plebicide anniversary
Comment by Kevin Stewart on 21st April 2015
i agree with DCW after watching the Feds and the Province pointing fingers ,blaming one another and putting there spin on the BUNKER FUEL SPILL in Vancouver,it just shows the people how disorganized it will be (not if)when an oil spill does occur IF the Enbridge project goes ahead.For those of us who know the Chuck it can get very windy and rough in those waters and i can't see any clean up done what so ever if there ever was a spill in our channel. NO TO ENBRIDGE!!!
Don't fool yourself
Comment by Joe on 21st April 2015
It is true Enbridge has been very quiet about northern gateway lately perhaps waiting for the results from the federal election later this fall.
Harper's conservatives are leading in the polls now and with the vote friendly budget this afternoon their lead will probably increase.
I think they are waiting for a fresh mandate from the citizens of Canada and then will ramp up the northern gateway project again . A few protests from a few locals in general will not stop the project.