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REPORTING · 17th April 2015
Walter McFarlane
Kitimat City Council had a number of projects in their budget which would be tabled for a later date. One of those items was for the Quatsino Walkway. Councillor Mario Feldhoff wanted an update in regards to the project, as well as several others.

Council was told by the Municipal Treasurer, Steve Christiansen, he could work $300,000 into the budget, as reserve taken from any surplus money from the 2015 year.

Mayor Phil Germuth asked for a report on the sidewalk and which side it would be best on. He pointed out there was a lot of work to do to.

Councillor Larry Walker said there was also an opportunity to finish an existing walkway from Stikine. This land has been presented to Council in the past as a piece of District owned land which has been fenced off and used as storage area near the town houses.

“I gained the impression from talking to the lady who was hear that yes she would like a sidewalk but maybe if we were to open this, it would be a lower cost option,” said Walker. “It would mean putting in a proper sidewalk of course, and lighting but it is actually part of a walkway system that was never developed.”

Councillor Mary Murphy muttered that the District owned land was on Private Property. A motion was made to bring back a report on the sidewalks at a later date.

The motion was called and carried. Other items which will be returning to Council include K.U.T.E. Recycling, Riverbank Camping and the golf course.

On the topic of Riverbank Camping, Councillor Larry Walker told Council he had been down to the river and spotted a recreational vehicle which was emptying it’s sewage into a hole in the ground on the riverbank.
Lahakas / Quatsino sidewalks
Comment by Les Field on 20th April 2015
Lahakas Blvd. S sidewalk ends at the cross walk by the cop shop. Continue it from there to Quatsino, along Quatsino to Columbia. From Columbia along Quatsino to Kuldo is a bicycle land which could be widened for a sidewalk. Kuldo from Omenica to Quatsino requires a side walk. This makes a good walk when it's not raining. Also the residents at Delta King would benifit from it as well.
Absolutely disgusting
Comment by Cem on 19th April 2015
Another summer of lost revenue by letting these campers park their units for free and park there with time limit. What is wrong with whoever let this happen. Garbage, sewage, and whatever else is left behind by these thoughtless campers. Send them to Hirsch Creek and hire someone to clean up that area. The picnic tables are so covered with moss that nobody would want to have a picnic on these tables. Hirsch Creek has washrooms start charging what other campgounds in the province. are charging. is the baseball field ever used??? make that into a campground.