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REPORTING · 17th April 2015
Walter McFarlane
One of the budget items which Kitimat City Council discussed on Monday, April 13th was the installation of a cross walk crossing Nalabila from Wakita for $10,000.

“Isn’t there two crosswalks right in that general vicinity and why are we thinking this one is important because they are really, really close,” said Councillor Claire Rattee. “I don’t personally see the need for a crosswalk there but I could be wrong.”

Mayor Phil Germuth expressed this was brought to Council by residents who live on Wakita Street who have strollers and do not want to have to push them up the gravel to get to a cross walk.

Councillor Larry Walker told Council the Traffic Committee looked at this and thought the best answer was to relocate a school zone sign 50 metres down the road so it captures the area in question reminding people to slow down when the students would be using it. He also stated the Traffic Committee suggested doing a traffic count this summer.

He explained there was expected growth of the subdivision in the future, however, it might not be the right time for the idea.

Councillor Mario Feldhoff expressed something needed to happen with the transition to the new sidewalk. He said there would have to be a way to connect with the sidewalk along Nalabila. Councillor Rob Goffinet agreed, arguing precedence had been set by the number of crosswalks on Nalabila.

He added the Engineering department rightly worries that putting in a crosswalk causes everyone to assume everyone is watching and there is not due diligence. He expressed he felt repositioning the school sign will make the entire street area safer and with the school and the church there, there is a lot of foot traffic across Nalabila.

District Engineer Tim Gleig expressed the crosswalks on Nalabila were put in prior to the release of a safe crossing manual, produced by the Provincial Government. The manual advises that crosswalks do not improve safety unless under specific movements of vehicles and pedestrians.

This particular crosswalk has been looked at before and they found the crosswalk cannot be connected to the sidewalk across from it. Council has been advised of this in the past.

Feldhoff stated Wakita will be larger than Smith and Sparks and those streets have a crosswalk. He said the money had to be spent and the grading also needed to be addressed. The motion was called and carried.
Cross walks and signs
Comment by Les Field on 20th April 2015
In this dead beat town, everyone seems to be in a hurry to go nowhere. Too many southerners plus LOCAL residents think twice as to whether or not they want to STOP and let the pedestrians use the cross walk. The only sign to make pedestrians safe at the cross walk is a push button and RED light. I don't see many drivers wanting to run a red light!!!! I do more walking than driving in town since I retired.