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NEWS RELEASE · 15th April 2015
District of Kitimat
During Februaryís major snowfall some fire hydrants were damaged. Due to the current labour dispute those hydrants will not be repaired at this time. It is not uncommon for hydrants to be out of service for a month or two even under normal circumstances. There is no danger to the public.

Kitimat has a robust water distribution system with sufficient hydrants to manage fire suppression duties. Fire trucks carry 500 gallons of water and ample hose to reach other hydrants, if necessary.

Once the labour dispute is resolved, repair of the hydrants will be top priority. The broken hydrants will not put the public in danger.
Who's Responsibility Is This!!
Comment by rob on 20th April 2015
To the residents of the adjoining areas to the broken hydrants, these are apartmentís complexes that are higher density then just single dwelling. Do you believe that a mire five hundred gallons is enough to fight a fire in a stick build complex from the fifties. Fires in these higher density areas require more than just one truck; or is Kitimat over supplied with firefighting trucks. That without a good supply, they are great for getting to fires but are useless without it!
So handling a fire with only five hundred gallons until the next groups of fire men show up, so they can run that hose to the closest hydrant the additional hundreds of meters. Men that would be better used fighting a blaze, men that might have to be called on night shift. Man power that is laid out for normal accessing fire hydrants in the designed areas. Thatís why they are checked and have scheduled work done on them.
So again are my insurance rate increases or at a much higher level, putting families at risk because of a broken fire system that lacks ample water service due to broken hydrants? A little known fact that the leading factor of insurance rates increase is due to claims against the area that you are bundled with! I am sure the insurance companies will just give us a pass on our rates for this after itís only been a few months without a repair, or the medical bills; or worse.
So I would ask the District of Kitimat for a letter holding them responsible for any issues due to fire Hydrates, putting them as the payer of the any costs. I am sure there is someone of authority up in the District Offices can sign, I am thinking the same one who has let this go on for this long without being fixed. I am fairly sure the Fire Chief canít sign; he would say it is a District of Kitimat matter.
Food for thought this happened before the strike,I guess it's not that important.
Comment by Started at the bottom on 18th April 2015
Then what's the point in even having the fire hydrants if we don't need them until the labour dispute is over???
Does that mean I can park in front of fire hydrants now? Do the insurence companies agree with this, do they know this is the policy in Kitimat? Do other municipalities just leave tobroken fire hydrants for months until it is convenient to repair them? Since we know a lot of the fire hydrants don't work, and now we have a bunch knocked over, could large areas be with out hydrants?
Do private fire hydrants still have to be inspected every year and working, or can we just leave them be also. Would this be acceptable in other towns and cities?

So many questions
. Not like we have already lost a home with pets in the last year because a fire hydrant was not working.
Maybe council should do a study, get a outside expert to tell us what we should do.
For lunch at subway, I would tell them to get the fire hyrants fixed immediately.
defective hydrants
Comment by bill on 17th April 2015
So what was the excuse for the 2 defective hydrants that led to an individual losing their home and pets on Cranberry st.????

Frozen, unrepaired or defective hydrants should be fixed immediatley...murphys law will prevail