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NEWS RELEASE · 13th April 2015
District of Kitimat
On April 03, 2015 the Union ended negotiations with the District of Kitimat. The District extended another opportunity for the Union to accept the February 26, 2015 Final Offer by April 12, 2015. The Union declined that opportunity.

This morning the Union applied to the Labour Relations Board for the services of a Mediator. The District has agreed to participate in mediation.

The Mediator appointed today asked the parties to set aside May 01 – 04, 2015 as potential dates for initial meetings.
Comment by FayEllen McFarlane on 13th April 2015
What an insult! You take an old offer that was presented on February 26th and turned down. You present it to workers who have been on strike for almost six weeks and call it an OPPORTUNITY!
If it wasn't acceptable on February 26th, and the employees went on strike because it wasn't acceptable, you can guess it WON'T be acceptable on April the 12th!
I trust that a mediator will show more tolerance and will be able to listen with a little more compassion!
Let's get it done!
Comment by Resolution Now on 13th April 2015
I hope their might actually be some negotiating now!

People can complain all they want about whether union's demands are fair or unfair, but they still need to be NEGOTIATED!

The amount of time the district staff has put into negotiating is appauling. It's no wonder McIlwrath had started yelling. Though it looks foolish, what does anybody do when they aren't being heard? At least when he's nasty he does it from the heart and not an insulting written response.

I truly believe that Phil is trying his best, but not qualified to say whether an offer is "fair or not" and doesn't understand the bargaining process. He'd be smart not to sign his name to those unfounded, one-sided so called "open letters."

I for one am hoping for a fair deal for all parties: the town and the workers. It doesn't have to be about taking sides, but negotiating.