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NEWS RELEASE · 10th April 2015
UNIFOR Local 2300
April 10, 2015

Open Letter to the Public

As you may be aware the District of Kitimat issued our Union with an ultimatum yesterday. This ultimatum is as follows:

ď1. The Districtís Final Offer from February 26, 2015, is open for acceptance for a 72-hour period ending at 4pm on Sunday, April 12, 2015. If the Final Offer is not accepted all previously signed-off items and subsequent offers to settle are withdrawn.

2. If the Final Offer is not accepted the District will retain the services of an external negotiator who will have the mandate to conclude a collective agreement. That negotiator can make decisions on the best way to conclude a collective agreement, including through mediation or interest arbitration. Any negotiations will be conducted at a location suitable to both parties, but will not include the Council Chambers or Union Office.

3. Any further communication regarding collective bargaining should be delivered to the District Office, to my attention, by fax, email or in person. Council members will not receive and do not welcome any proposals or other communication about collective bargaining to their homes or places of business.Ē

This ultimatum further demonstrates the District of Kitimatís my way or the highway style of bargaining and is another example of BAD FAITH BARGAINING.

It does not make sense for the Mayor to say on one hand that he wants to see this labour dispute resolved as quickly as possible and then on the other hand to say if you donít accept our previous Final Offer that was rejected by our Union on more than one occasion, then you have to bargain from scratch.

To be clear, we will not accept the Districtís previous offers that our members have already rejected.

In an effort to resolve the outstanding items left on the bargaining table our Union submitted an Application for a Mediator to the Labour Relations Board of British Columbia.

If the District of Kitimat is serious about resolving this labour dispute they will withdraw their ultimatum and accept this opportunity to end this labour dispute.

In Solidarity,

Unifor Local 2300
Bargaining Committee
good idea
Comment by citizen on 11th April 2015
As negotiations are going nowhere there is no choice but to call in help. If union does not accept on Sunday do not stall.
Maybe the best
Comment by FayEllen McFarlane on 10th April 2015
It is too bad that the district feels the two sides are at an impasse and cannot reach an agreement. On the other hand it is possible that under the circumstances no agreement could be reached, and the best possibility of reaching an agreement which is fair for the district employees is to have an impartial, independent arbitrator brought in. I truly hope this works!