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CONTRIBUTION · 7th April 2015
Doug Hughan
Hi Folks; having just watched the on camera meeting of April 7 and having had some discussion with former and current employees of the district I have the following comments.

Off the top I think that the mayor and council probably through the administration are ignoring the work environment that is being generated in their employ. They have downloaded all responsibility for any misbehavior by management to the grievance procedure of the collective agreement. Not smart if you want a two way communicative street. This is also more expensive than applying procedures to mitigate the problem.

I have had the pleasure of living in this community for 41 years and have never known such a low level of quality of work in community spaces where I have seen contractors at work. All this seems to point to a acceptance of a lowering of quality of living for this community.

I do not deem this as acceptable. My taxes are not going to be decreasing in the future, therefore I do not accept a lower quality of community life in this community.

I would ask the Mayor and Council to to consider asking administration to ask them to look at starting a communication process with the words and end point targets that Marty M. alluded to in his presentation.

I was involved in this at the smelter and it did avoid major lawyer and litigation involvement. I will add that I did vote for every single person now sitting around that table, and having said that I will definitely be giving second thought in the future. And having said that I do feel that the last time there was a contract that went this way in this town the manager involved was Louis DeLage and he earned the nickname Louis DeLete and it happened.