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REPORTING · 7th April 2015
Walter McFarlane
The Vista Village Trailer Court and Trailer J7 Came up at the Committee of the whole meeting on Monday, March 23rd. Councillor Mario Feldhoff wanted the Council to write off the Property Taxes for the trailer as it would allow the owner to proceed with demolition of the trailer.

A letter was presented to Council from Paul Lagace, stating the trailer was owned by Renzo Fulanetto who would like to sell it and use the money to pay the taxes on the trailer. He suggested Council delay their decision by three months if the trailer court owner, Lee-Ann Wolfin agrees to this proposal. Lagace wrote that he tried to set up a meeting with Wolfin, but she would be unable to meet with him.

Councillor Larry Walker stated he was opposed to the motion. “I think there is still room. I think there is the potential. It might not sound like a lot of money to use but the fellow who owns the trailer, if he could make a few thousand dollars out of it, it’s well worth while,” said Walker.

He stated there was no urgency to get the motion off of the table and he wanted to take one last attempt to make things work out. Councillor Claire Rattee agreed with Walker.

Feldhoff stated the Council was missing a letter from the owner of the trailer park where she responded to the proposal before the Council. He suggested tabling the motion until they get the information requested.

Rattee pointed Lagace could not set up a meeting with Wolfin. Feldhoff suggested the Planning Department to send a letter to her.

Councillor Rob Goffinet if Lagace cannot get in touch with the owner, then the staff should, present the proposal and attempt to have the trailer sold, repaired and the pad rented again. He expressed it would be a victory. Council would try the first plan first, then go to B.

The motion was withdrawn and Councillor Rob Goffinet made a motion to try and restore the pad. The motion was called and carried. This will be returning to Council on Tuesday, April 7th.