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CONTRIBUTION · 1st April 2015
Doug Thompson
You know, Phil, I've thought a lot about this strike and just have to express my dissatisfaction with how the administration is handling our personnel relations. In my opinion we have a serious problem with the strategies employed by Mr. Poole and his staff. I am told we have reduced our workforce to the point where we cannot handle situations such as our major snowfall. I do hope nobody at city hall believes the municipality's response was adequate to the expectations of residents. Even the ability of the municipality to clean up long after the snowfall was over was appalling.

Now, I'm told that during the snowfall, machinery remained parked because we don't have the workforce available and trained to keep those machines running. Apparently we have reduced our workforce by replacing full time workers with permanent part time and casual workers and by contracting out whenever we can. This is not acceptable, and it seems the mess during our snowfall is an example of what such policies buy us.

It is time to end this strike, to ensure that we honour and respect our employees; to guarantee we have sufficient, trained full time employees (and to err on the side of more full time rather than part time to meet any emergency); to stop contracting out our municiple services; to strive to provide our employees with adequate benefits rather than adopting policies that seek to avoid paying benefits; and to effect policies that improve employee satisfaction.

We pay our senior administrators some very healthy wages - some would suggest they are over the top, in fact. That alone makes it very difficult to justify the current bargaining position of the municipality. I voted for all of you on council and I count a few of you as personal friends, but I cannot, in any way support the administration in this labour action.
Well Said Doug
Comment by Ralph Bartel on 1st April 2015
Well said Doug. I could not agree with you more. I am and will always be in support of the common working people of the world.
Well said!
Comment by FayEllen McFarlane on 1st April 2015
Thank you Doug. You have said what many of us are thinking!
...the time has come to end the strike sort out and settle the many points brought forward by the union. LISTEN!