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REPORTING · 20th March 2015
Walter McFarlane
On Thursday, March 12th, two youth were dirt biking on Forest Avenue when a man with in a white truck with a black canopy came to a stop and blocked the two youth‘s pathway and got out. What happened next has the makings of an urban legend.

“My son and his friend, not thinking much, turned around to do another lap assuming the truck would of been gone and they could of went on their way... well to these 2 teen boys surprise, this man was now out of the truck and not very visible to the boys, yet my son noticed he had an axe!!” wrote Hailey Anderton, mother to one of the children.

The youth turned to leave, but the man continued towards them. When the dirt biking youth got a safe distance away, they called the RCMP. According to Anderton, the RCMP did not see a man with an axe, although there was a woman walking down the side of the road. She expressed the RCMP had explained it to the children as ‘being in the wrong place at the wrong time.’

According to Staff Sergeant Phil Harrison, four members of the RCMP attended. As it was late, it was dark and there were no street lights or lights on any of the vehicles.

“None of the boys indicated that the man with the axe threatened them by coming at them with the axe raised or anything like that. It was not an assault file but rather a suspicious person file. The male was described by the boys as having an orange hoodie on. That was the sole distinguishing description. The male was not located and the boys were taken home by one of their parents,” said Harrison.
"Share the Trail"
Comment by ESS on 27th March 2015
Thanks Cem, like the way you think. I too would like to know if these young people have insurance for their bikes/quads. I have insurance for mine.
Thanks PG - everyone deserves respect. Show respect even to people who don't deserve it, not as a reflection of their character, but as a reflection of yours.
Summer is upon us quickly, let's go out there and enjoy our dirt roads regardless of what we are doing, driving/riding; truck, dirt bike, horse, or walking the dogs - RESPECT
Kitimat second
Comment by PG on 26th March 2015
As a kid, I had the courtesy to slow down for other vehicles and hikers included. Even to this day when I'm out on my dirt bike I'll continue to show that same respect for any one I encounter no matter their activity, even though it doesn't always come back to me. I am very aware of the risks involved in taking my new truck on the off roads, but sometimes the desire to share my out door experiences with my wife and family out weighs those risks. How can some one that puts himself first possibly understand that....
the dirt on dirt
Comment by kitimat first on 26th March 2015
PG, I understand quite well that you are anal about your new truck...if you don't want to get it dirty or peppered with rocks from dirt bikes maybe stay off DIRT ROADS, these are public domains not your personal quiet outdoor traveling route. expect the unexpected !
"Share the Trail"
Comment by Cem on 24th March 2015
Respect is what is needed by everyone on the trails but if when horseback riding it can be a very scary situation. Horseback riders can hear quads and dirt bikes coming for a long ways so prepare yourself and your horse. Get off your horse if you think your horse is going to act up. Put your hand up to warn the oncoming person to slow down. 100% of the time it has always worked for me.
What I would like to know is insurance requirements for young people riding dirt bikes and quads. If on a public road or crossing a hwy., do they not have to have insurance ? There seems to be a lot of very young people out in Cable Car that have no sense of keeping to the right and taking tight corners to the left. It is just a matter of time and something is going to happen.
The RCMP have an excellent brochure on the requirements for quads and dirt bikes. Horseback riders have to have insurance also. I just hope they all have insurance if something was to happen and then we can all "share the trails" responsibly.
Kitimat first
Comment by PG on 23rd March 2015
You must have just skimmed my comment Kitimat first as i was only making reference to "some people out there" and believe me I'm not one of them liking it quiet. One of the most beautiful sounds to my ears is a two stroke on the pipe. I also enjoy driving my new truck out in the back roads as well and don't appreciate the lack of concern when some kid blasts me with rocks. I see two sides to this issue and made it very clear we need to respect others when enjoying the out doors and violence is not a way to deal with any problem. What part don't you understand about that?
Personal Quiet Place
Comment by ESS on 23rd March 2015
Kitimat first did you not read "Respect is what everyone on both sides of the issue should get when enjoying the out doors" Regardless of what you drive, everyone deserves respect, especially those walking their dogs and yes that is my personal quiet place that I enjoy. The roads are for everyone not just dirt bikes and quads. I will continue to use my go-pro when I drive those roads.
peace and quiet
Comment by kitimat first on 22nd March 2015
if PG is looking for peace and quiet go for a hike and leave your truck at home...when out on a dirt road expect to see dirt bikes and quads it's the only place they can be used, its not your personal quiet place !
Axes and rooster tails
Comment by PG on 21st March 2015
I can remember riding the logging roads as a kid and for me anyway i was always scared i shouldn't be there since i had no license or plate. Senses are heightened and imaginations can run wild, but here have been reports of wires being run across trails so this may be related. Some people out there feel strongly about getting out to the out doors and enjoying the peace and quiet so I can understand why a dirt bike can upset them. Others use these areas to walk their dogs, maybe its a place they don't have to stoop down to pick up crap. These guys did the right thing by getting away and reporting it, hopefully they have a high resolution go pro camera on next time so that police can use it to identify the person. I have also been on the roads with my new truck and some young kids passed me at a reasonable speed but as soon as they got in front they hit the throttle peppering my truck with rocks from their rooster tails. Respect is what everyone on both sides of the issue should get when enjoying the out doors. Maybe there will less incidents like this.